Residential Solar Power Installation Guidelines

A considerable amount of people are entirely dependent upon the traditional method of producing energy. Knowing that the current form of energy production isn't going to last long and is not good for the environment, the world needs a better solution.

Our need for energy is increasing at a breakneck pace, and therefore, we have to shift to a more renewable source of energy. What can be better than solar power!

Because more and more people realize the need for a renewable energy source without increasing their energy bills, the number of solar panel installations has increased by many folds. Currently, there are millions of homes in the U.S where solar panels are powering that, which is expected to increase in the future. 

But before shifting to a solar power system, you need to consider some factors, and therefore, we have outlined the same that you must consider before solar power installation. 

Make sure your home is a good candidate for a solar power system.

Not all homes are good candidates for the solar power system, and the only part of the house that decides this is the roof. It is obvious that solar panels produce energy from the sunlight, and therefore, they need to be installed on the roof. But is your roof perfect for solar power?

Adequate sunlight is the key when it comes to roofs being eligible for solar energy Orlando. If buildings or trees heavily shade your roof, then there is no way the solar panels will get enough sunlight to produce energy. 

But even if your roof is inundated with sunlight without any shading, the inadequate space on your roof can make solar panel installation difficult. Roofs with a slope between 15 to 40 degrees and south-facing are considered ideal for solar panel installation. 

What kind of climate do you have?

The solar panels need sunlight to function properly, but this doesn't mean you need to live in sunny California or Arizona to become eligible for solar panel installation. Although, you have to consider the climate before you start using solar energy in Orlando

On sunny days during spring or summer, the solar panels will produce more energy, but this doesn't mean that the solar panels will go on shut down mode during winter's shortest days or a rainstorm. Even during this period, solar panels can produce some electricity.

What is the age of your home?

The age of your home or the age of your roof also plays a vital role in whether your current structure is eligible for solar panel installation or not. It is always a better idea to look at the age and condition of your roof before installing solar panels rather than be cribbing about the function of solar panels after installation. 

A roof needs to be less than ten years old for solar panel installation. And if your roof is made from long-lasting material like slate or tile, they must have ten years of their life left. But this doesn't mean you can install solar panels on a roof that is completely worn out. The roof's condition can make or break your dream of using solar power. 

Suppose you are not sure whether your roof is eligible for solar power installation. In that case, you should go for the option of working with a solar energy consultant in Orlando as they can analyze your roof and other factors to make sure you make the most of solar panel installation. 

How much power do you use monthly?

Another thing that you must consider before solar power installation is your monthly energy needs. If your monthly power needs are way too high than the standard rate, then you shouldn't be entirely dependent upon solar energy to fulfill your power requirements. 

You must understand that if the solar panels are exposed to direct sunlight for an hour, then they can produce around 300 watts of electricity, and when the solar panels are exposed to direct sunlight for 10 hours, then it will produce around 3k.

You should never expect solar panels to fulfill your entire power requirement, especially if you have high power usage every month. Still, you can at least make some parts of your house sustain renewable sources of energy. 

This way, you can bring down the monthly energy bill as you don't have to pay for the sunlight, and solar power is a one-time installation process that you have to pay only at the time of installation. 


With new gadgets and appliances entering the market at a breakneck pace, there is no surprise why the energy bills of every house are increasing. Cutting down on your energy needs might sound ludicrous to many people. So, the best solution is to shift to a sustainable energy source in the form of solar power. All you have to do is get in touch with a reliable solar energy consultant in Orlando, like Emerald Sun energy, and embrace the long list of benefits offered by the solar power system. 

By switching to a solar power system, you thrive on zero energy production cost, easy installation, no negative impact on the environment, and even economic savings. So, get in touch with us for the best solar power energy services and witness the change without any second thoughts.