Six-Step Guide To Choosing Your Solar Company (1)

Six-Step Guide To Choosing Your Solar Company

Solar energy is undisputedly an extensive source of electricity for future generations to come. Even we people rely on solar energy companies to help us regulate our power consumption in an efficient and pocket-friendly manner. 

If you’re from Orlando, you must have a fair idea about the long summers that not only is a workaround for generating optimal solar power but also is a great source for solar energy companies in Orlando to generate revenue. You may notice that most households have solar panels in Orlando Florida because their primary advantage is the renewable source of power that comes naturally from the sunlight. 

solar panels in Orlando Florida

Stay Away From Cons 

Choosing solar power consumption over the standard power systems is a mindful step towards saving the environment, as well as moving one step towards contributing to the planet Earth. Even when applied at a small scale, solar energy companies in Orlando can benefit you in supplying enough power to the electricity grid at your premises. 

One can also enjoy having the electricity saved in the solar-powered batteries for future purposes, or supply it back to the electricity boards to obtain subsidy. Your prospective solar energy company must be a renowned professional so you get all the benefits of the solar panels that you wish to install. In addition, you must stay clear of faux resellers that might con you via selling a defective solar panel.

Before you choose your solar power company in Orlando, prefer to make a roadmap for the journey- what your needs are, how will you process the available options, allot a budget, etc. Let’s succinctly discuss this in a six-step guide to understanding better:

  • Keep Your Solar Goals Clear - As you plan to invest in solar energy panels, the first step goes towards pondering the total energy consumption for your household. Depending upon how much electricity you may need, one can consider what to do next. Herein, electricity consumption will coincide with the size of the required solar energy panels that will be installed at your premises. Penning down a focused and clear solar energy goal should be relevant if you are hunting for a solar power company in Orlando. Moreover, it aids you in opting for the right company to partner with, and streamline your solar energy needs accordingly.
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  • Choose On The Basis Of Their Expertise - It is rightly said that all that matters is what is being brought to the table - it sure works for solar power companies as well. Once the solar power needs have been collated, it is vital that you go through the performance, customer testimonials, and reviews from professionals about the solar energy company in Orlando you wish to partner with. Evaluate their expertise and see if they have prior experience in catering to solar panel requirements on household levels. It will help you choose the best from a list of solar power companies available in your vicinity.

  • Look For The Years Of Experience - As far as expertise and performance are concerned, it is extremely essential to take into consideration a fruitful and revenue-generating experience of the companies. While significantly going through the profiles of different companies, do give a close look at their years of experience and analyze the success rate over the years. It not only works as a great stimulation for those who’re looking for a solar energy company in Orlando but also helps in being decisive, quickly. The more capable and accomplished a company is, the better it is for people to contact them.

  • Ask For Referrals - Word-of-mouth and referrals are two major marketing sources for solar power companies. Since solar panels are generally considered an extensive investment, most people look for referrals before associating with a solar energy company in Orlando. Existing consumers of solar energy companies are usually the point of contact for ample referrals, so if you have someone in your neighborhood who has solar panels installed, it is convenient to talk to them and get referrals for your purchase. Not only you might get a considerate discount from the company but you will also get an opportunity to analyze and evaluate the performance of the company via the end-consumers - how they work, their customer service etiquettes, etc.

  • Look For Certificates And Licenses - In order to serve as a professional solar energy company, one ought to have jurisdictional licensing, and registration to be called as a credible source. Whilst you’re in the process of investing via a solar energy company, make an effort to determine the licensing certification of the company, comprehend the legal angle to realize if they are a trustworthy and credible company that is governed by regulatory standards.

  • Licensed Solar Installers - Last but not least, always and always prefer to go with licensed solar installation companies that are certified to work, both extensively and with households. With this, you get a guarantee that the installed solar power panels will predominantly work for a longer duration. In addition, you may also get in-warranty services, free repairs, and part replacements from a licensed company that is a boon for the future. Moreover, working with licensed solar installers is an assurance that they will last for a longer period and would work efficiently with relevant repair programs.


Interested in getting to know a professional solar energy company near you? Enter Emerald Sun Energy as your trustworthy partner that will help you switch to a renewable energy source with utmost convenience. Experts at Emerald Sun Energy are experienced in handling on-site situations, that relate to taking measurements for solar panels installation, configuring the design pattern, and devising a budget-friendly plan thereafter. Choose from a variety of solar panels, adjust them as per the available space at your premises, be it for ground or rooftops. We are your most trusted solution to solar energy consumption and we understand the essential needs of solar energy in the coming future. Contact us now to know more or book a free on-site visit today!

How can solar panels increase your property value

How can solar panels increase your property value?

If you are a homeowner, you must have a mile-long list of fine-tuning and ameliorations you want to make to your house. But the one issue that everyone wants to solve while making changes to the house is to combat the high electricity bills. 

With time, switching on a light is turning out to be costlier, which is why people are searching for a renewable and economical source of energy. This hunt for a better source of electricity has brought people to solar energy. 

After the initial investment in solar panels, you sit back and enjoy a continuous electricity supply without spending a lot of dollars. But did you know that the same solar panel that you can use to bring the electricity bill under control can increase your property value too?

According to CNBC, it has been found that solar panels increase the value of properties by almost 4.1%. So, let's discuss all you need to know about solar panels and how it positively affects property value. 

Why is solar energy so vital?

When it comes to the importance of solar panels, many factors support the need for solar panels in every house. Apart from cost saving, solar panels are a greener source of energy, thus they have a positive effect on the environment. You won't be contributing towards the depletion of nature. 

In addition to this, solar panels are now being supported by the government, and thus you can use the solar panel installation in your house as a tax benefit. Even the maintenance cost of solar panels is less, and you won't be bogged down because of it. 

Moreover, by choosing a solar panel company for solar panel installation, you will be making a secure environment. It will start acting as the best form of reducing expenses in the long run since you won't have to pay high electricity bills. 

By what percentage does your property value increase after solar panel installation?

Many homeowners are flocking toward solar panels just for increasing the property value, and all the other benefits of solar panel installation come as an add-on for them. According to a study, it has been found that the use of solar panels can increase the resale value of the property by $5,911 for each kilowatt of solar panel installed. 

In terms of percentage, the overall property value can increase by up to 4.1% just by calling a solar panel company and getting the right type of solar panel installed in your house. This is now acting as a motivation for switching to solar panels instead of rehashing the source of electricity that is slowly becoming a burden for many people. 

Factors that influence the value of your property 

  • Location of your house

The house's location will play a prominent role in deciding how much worth will be added by switching to solar energy in Orlando. But there is no specific parameter that can be used for determining this factor. 

Purchasers, lenders, appraisers, and even brokers are aware of the perks of solar at the onset of the process, set up in those areas that have a more active solar marketplace like New Jersey or California. So, keep the location of your property in mind while analyzing the increase in property value by opting for solar energy in Orlando. 

  • Electricity costs in your area

The best way to analyze house value increase is to run a cost-benefit analysis. The current price of electricity in the area where you live will also affect the overall value of the solar system that you are planning to install. 

To begin on the right foot, take a look at the electricity bill and come up with the right cost of the residential solar system size you will need based on the number of kilowatts consumed. Then, you can know the number of solar panels required, and this is where the numbers obtained can be compared with the local average selling value. 

  • The magnitude of the installation

The more solar panels, the more the property value. This means if your roof can support more solar panels than what an average house can accommodate, then the property value will be better than the average rate. 

You can't just call a solar installation company,  install two solar panels that power a couple of bulbs in the house, and then expect the property value to increase by more than 4.1%. The number of solar panels should be directly proportional to the actual size of your house. 

  • Quality of solar panels

Suppose you are planning to increase the value of your property by installing solar panels through a solar installation company and trying to save money on installation by compromising on the quality. In that case, all your efforts will go in vain. 

Even the quality of the solar panel will play a crucial role in deciding by what percentage the value of your property will increase after solar panel installation. This is why you should always choose a reputed company for solar panel installation. 

A switch to solar panels makes perfect sense to people who want to save money and move to a more green power source. But do solar panels increase property value? Yes, in a nutshell. A broker will always consider the solar panels on a property as an addition to the overall value since it offers a long list of benefits. 

So, by working with an experienced and reputed company like Emerald Sun Energy that offers the best solar panel solution, and by using the right approach, you can increase your property worth and enjoy the wide array of benefits provided by solar panels.

How to get the best deal on Solar Financing

These Tips will Make your Solar Experience Even more profitable

Understanding your Solar Financing Options:

Understanding you solar financing options is usually one of the biggest indices that will give you the biggest return on investment.

A beautiful thing going on in the Solar Industry right now is that you can get solar for – No Money Down & No Money Out of Pocket!  It is true but it often creates confusion in the buyer’s mind so it is important to understand it.  The confusion is that sometimes people believe that the solar energy system is free, it is not.  What is being implied in the above statement is that you will be able to use the money you are already spending to fund the purchase because the financing options do not require any money down.  So the money you will save on your power bill will be more than the money you will have to pay to finance the system.  I go into much more details in my article “Can I really get Solar for $0 Down and $0 out of pocket”.

The next thing to understand when it comes to your solar financing is what your monthly payments will be vs the duration of the loan.  What this means the more your monthly payment for the solar panel system will be the shorter the duration that you will have to pay on the loan.  In most cases you can have a monthly payment lower than the amount of money that you will save on your power bill with a 12 financing option or 144 payments.  Since your solar panel system hence a performance guarantee of 25 years you will be getting 13 years of energy offset on your power bill which will accumulate to huge savings.  That does not factor in the savings you will receive from being insulated from the power companies rate increases which averages 4% per year.  That means you will make an additional 4% compounded every year even while you are paying for the system.

You can save money immediately if you choose a 20 year payment plan instead.  In this option you will save anywhere from $40 – $80 per month depending on the size of the Solar Panel System you install.  You would still see an increased saving of 4% a year as well while making money from day 1.  If it is $50 per month that is a cash savings of $600 in year one and in year 2 that would jump to $624.  However, you will have to make payments for an additional 8 years but the payments will represent a larger portion of your power bill.  The additional 8 years will cost you more in interest because of the additional 96 payments and most of the 20 year options are also at a slightly higher interest rate.

It really comes down to what your main financial goal in regards to going solar.  If you are looking for the most return on investment then the 12 year option will give you that because you will be making higher payments (still less than you pay the power company) with a lower interest rate hence lowering your overall actual cost of the system when compared to the 20 year option.  The 20 year option often makes sense for people who are on a fixed income and want to lower their overall monthly expenses.  So you make less overall but you make more now.

There are many great financing options available today to purchase a solar power system for your home.  There are some sub-prime rates available, what that means is if prime is 5%(like it is now) and we are able to offer you a rate of 2.99 then that would be a subprime rate.  Our current 12 year option available is at a 2.99 subprime rate.  It is great but it does come with a 17% financing charge that is added to the initial cost of the solar panel system.  At first look you would say NO WAY!  However it winds up being the cheapest solution in the long run and will generate the greatest return on investment other than paying for the system in cash.  We have a 20 year available with no financing charges at a 6.95%.  So you do not pay more for the system but you will pay a 6.95% interest rate for 20 years.

Now we need to understand what the true cost of the solar panel system is vs the retail cost of the system.  The retail cost of the system would be the price of the system with any added in financing charges.  The true cost of the system is what you will actually pay for the system.  To figure that out you will take your monthly payment at multiply it by the number of payments required to fulfil the loan.  If we look at an example of a 12 year 2.99% system that generates $225 a month of electricity.  Your monthly payment would start at $220 per month and when you multiply it by 144 (12 years) your true system cost is $31,680.  Keep in mind that this option also included the 17% financing charge.  Let’s take a look at the 20 year 6.95% (with NO Financing Charges added in) system that generates $225 a month of electricity.  Your monthly payments would be $168 per month and when you multiply it by 240 (20 years) your true system cost is $40,320.  So the system that had 17% added to the cost saved the customer a total of $8,640.  What that means is the subprime rate is a more important variable then the cost of the system.  That is an additional $8,640 you can calculate into your return on investment.

You are also able to secure your own financing through a home equity loan.  The benefit of that is you can write off the interest that you pay on the loan.  You might have a hard time getting a subprime rate but you may be able to get prime (5% in the above example).  That combination may save you similar about of money as the subprime rate.

Checking to see if PACE is available in your area may be another option to consider.  PACE (property assessed clean energy)  allows you to use your property tax to pay for the Solar Panel system.  You can spread the cost out over 25 years and pay it through your property tax.  This option is only available in certain communities in the Orlando and Florida area.  If it is available it will look at the equity that you have in the property as the main qualifier.  Hence if you have poor credit this is a great option because it is not dependent on your credit score but it has limited availability.  It is also transferable to the new homeowner which means you can get the additional value in your home and not have any other financing options to pay for it.

Retirees have an additional option available, they can look at a hecm loan or reverse mortgage.  I like this option for seniors who are looking to free up as much money as they can off of their monthly budgets.  With a Hecm loan they can use the equity in the home to purchase the system and then use the equity in the home to make the payments on the system.  Essentially freeing up the entire amount of money that they will be saving on the power bill into new dispensable income.

Case Study – Proves Solar Energy Works

Solar Before and After Comparison

Here is one of our happy solar energy customers power bills from February 2019 from here in Orlando Florida. As you can see he had a power bill of $190. On the right you can see that his power bill was reduced to $9.83 after solar energy installation in Orlando Florida. We compared February 2020 so it is from the same month to get direct comparison.


Power Bill from Duke Energy before Solar Installation in Orlando Florida


Customer reduced duke power bill after solar installation in Orlando Florida

If you look at the after bill you can see it highlighted in red that he received an additional 135 kWh credit for future usage, meaning he out produced what he would need ant the credit will be applied to future bills. In Florida this is an important strategy because in the winter months like February Orlando homeowners will produce more solar energy than they can use. These credits will be applied to months when they use more energy than they produce. Like June and July.

So you can see that you can destroy your power bill with solar Energy! Call Now and Start Saving!! Huge Tax incentives will end at the end of 2020!

Why 2019 Is The Right Year To Buy Solar?

Spoiler: It WON’T be this good next year!

The 30% Federal Tax Credit which was initiated in 2006 is set to expire at the end of 2019.  The Tax Credit has been the biggest contributor to the Solar Boom we have experienced over the last decade and 2019 will be the biggest year for solar energy to date.  In this article, we will take a look at what the 30% Federal Tax Credit is, how it works and how you can take advantage of it.  We will also explore how rising electricity rates has made solar even more affordable and the financing options that are available that will allow you to use the money you already pay the power company to purchase your own system with no money down and no money out of pocket.  Lastly, we will give you an incorporated view on how all of these current solar trends can work for you. The 30% Federal Tax Credit allow Home or Business owners to claim 30% of the cost of there Solar Panel System or other energy efficient upgrades to your Federal Income Tax as a Credit.  A tax credit works differently than a tax deduction. A Tax Credit is much more valuable as it is a dollar for dollar reduction in tax responsibility as opposed to a deduction that would only represent the taxable portion of the amount being deducted.  Another important variable to consider in taking advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit is the tax credit is directly related to the amount of Federal Income Tax that you have paid if you are a W-2 Employee or the Amount of Income Tax that you owe.  Why that is important to understand is because if you do not pay or owe it you can not claim it. This sometimes will affect eligibility if you are on disability or if you are retired and only collecting Social Security.  However many seniors on Social Security still qualify for The tax credit if they also are collecting income from a pension, investments or other retirement funds that are not associated with their Social Security. Also, If you have paid less in Federal Income tax than what your 30% Federal Tax Credit is that will limit your tax credit to the amount of the Federal income tax that you paid for that year.  You are able to carry over any of your remaining Federal Tax Credit to the following year.  You actually have up to 5 years to claim your entire credit. Here is an example: Let’s say that you have paid $5000 in Federal Income Tax but your 30% Federal Tax Credit is $10,000.  You would be able to claim $5,000 of your tax credit for the current year and you would carry over a $5,000 Federal Tax Credit for the following year. 2019 is the last year that the 30% Federal Tax Credit will be available.  This has been a tremendous program that has helped millions of homeowners upgrade their homes with energy efficient Solar Energy.  It can represent an Income Tax Credit that is dollar for dollar cash savings on anywhere from $3,000 to over $20,000 and maybe more depending on the scope of the Solar Energy System you are considering.  With the 30% Federal Tax Credit expiring this year it is your last chance to get incredible additional savings added to an already affordable alternative to traditional energy. If you are considering Solar Energy now is the time. Getting Solar in 2019 and taking advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit will give you the opportunity to convert your expensive monthly power bill into an incredible investment that will increase the value of your home while reducing your energy cost all while using the money that you already spend.  The reason why this year makes Solar an incredible investment is really 3 factors. The First reason is you are paying more for electricity now than in 2006. The cost of your energy which the power company bills in kWh have gone up by over $3.00 a kWh since 2006 when the Federal Tax Credit took effect.  That means you are paying 35% more now when in 2006. Secondly, The price of solar energy has dropped by almost 3 times its cost from 2006. Solar energy is sold by the size of the system you need and the price is determined by taking the total number of watts required and multiplying it by the price per watt.  So if the price per watt in 2006 was over $8.00 per watt when the 30% Federal Tax Credit began, and today the price per watt has dropped below $3.00 per watt that over a 160% decrease in the cost of Solar Panel Systems. What this means is that in 2006 the 30% Federal Tax Credit was needed to justify the cost of the system an to help homeowners achieve a long term return on investment.  But with those changes today the 30% Federal Tax Credit will create an immediate Return on Investment. So much so that you will often be able to have the same rate or lower rate than what you are currently paying the power company and still be able to pocket the Federal Tax Credit in cash the following year. I do not know of any investment where you do not have to spend one dollar more than you already do for an expense and can cash out in less than a year for potentially over $10,000 in cash. The Future for Solar Energy is bright as energy costs continue to rise while the cost of solar has dropped to all-time lows.  The more the cost of energy rises the cheaper solar energy will become. I don’t know about you but I don’t see the power companies lowering there rates any time soon.  They will probably continue to raise them 3-4% per year which will simply be a built-in profit return every year you have solar. Because once you purchase solar you are fix rating you energy expense while you pay off the system and then you will have no Solar Panel System cost and a significantly reduced energy cost of up to 95% lower than your current expense.  So the future is bright. However,  with the tax credit, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create an instant return on investment without using any money that you don’t already spend.  Simply reallocating it and creating a great investment and return. If there are any extenuating circumstances that will not allow you to take advantage of the Federal Solar Tax Credit in 2019 do not fret as the Solar Tax Credit will be phased out over the next 3 years. In 2019 The Tax Credit will be 30% (The last year where it will be this high).  In 2020 The Federal Tax Credit will drop to 26% of the purchase price of your Solar Panel System. In 2021 The Federal Tax Credit will drop to 22% of the purchase price of the Solar System. In 2022 The Federal Tax Credit will no longer exist for residential homeowners. For Commercial Solar there will be an ongoing 10% Federal Tax Credit.

Can I Really Get Solar Energy for $0 Down & $0 Out of Pocket

You Can Get Solar Energy For No Money Down and No Money Out of Pocket, but it’s not free.

In this article, we are going to dive into what exactly $0 Down $0 Out of Pocket means in regards to adding solar panels to your home.  If you are shopping for solar panels in Orlando or Florida then you have inevitably have heard the Phrase “Get Solar Energy for $0 Down and $0 Out of Pocket”.  This claim is designed to get you excited about adding an energy efficient product without any money involved. That might be where there begin to be some confusions. Here are some simple explanations to this statement as well as some guidelines to follow to get your best deal on solar panels.

Check out other great videos to help you understand more about solar energy and Solar Companies Youtube – Emerald Sun Energy Channel

What does $0 Down (NO Money Down) mean? First off it is NOT FREE.  You are buying something. However, if you are able to qualify for available financing then there is No Money Down as the entire purchase can be funded because many of the financing options available for solar companies do not require any money down.  Hence the entire solar project will be funded by the financing company.

What does $0 Out oF Pocket (No Money Out of Pocket) mean? This statement may be the one that causes the most confusion because it often leads people to believe that it is free.  Again it is NOT FREE, you are buying something. However, if you qualify for available funding it is true that you will have $0 Out of Pocket. The easiest way to understand this is to look at the example below.  What it points out is purchasing a solar panel system for your home will not affect your budget. Meaning you can use the money you already are paying the power company to instead pay for your solar power system that will improve your home’s value and convert a variable expense (power bill) into a profitable asset (solar panel system).  In most cases, you will actually be cash positive depending on which financing option you choose. So you can purchase your system with the money you already spend because your solar panel financing payment will be less than the amount of money you save on your power bill by switching to solar.

What do I need to do to qualify for this solar program?  Simply call Emerald Sun Energy a local Florida Solar Company located in Orlando and serving all of Central Florida, We will first do a customized energy consumption analysis to determine the size of the solar panels system you need.  We will then draw out a solar panel spec drawing so you can see how the panels will look on your roof. Then you can choose the financing option that best meets your needs and fill out the online instant approval application, we will have a decision within minutes of application.  The basic qualifiers are you will need a 680 credit score or greater to qualify. The financing company will also be looking at your debt to income ratio to determine if you are a good candidate for a solar energy system. Usually, a debt to income below 45% with a household income of $50,000 is able to be approved.

Example of how $0 Down $0 Out of pocket looks like:

With the advanced additions of Solar Energy Financing Florida Homeowners can get solar for No Money Down and No Money Out of Pocket

With the advanced additions of Solar Energy Financing Florida Homeowners can get solar for No Money Down and No Money Out of Pocket

First, we must figure out the amount of money you will be saving on your power bill every month to find out how much money you have available on a monthly basis to pay for the system.  In the above example of an actual solar customer, before they started using solar there power bill was $231 per month and after they switched to solar energy their power bill dropped to $29 per month.  Which is a monthly savings of $202 per month? So that means so long as we have a financing option that requires less than a $202 a month payment then we will be able to provide solar for $0 Out of Pocket because we are just redistributing money you are already spending to convert an expense into an asset.

Next, we will examine the financing options offered by the above Orlando Solar Company.

In the above example, you can see the available financing options for the customer where a 12 Year or 144 payments of $199 which is $3 less then they would pay the power company.  Or a 20 year (240 payment) option would be $162 per month essentially saving customer on average $40 over what they would have paid the power company. That is a yearly positive cash flow of nearly $500 plus they improved the value of their home and reduced their carbon footprint.  WOW!!

Please keep in mind in the above example we are using Net Sales Price which is the price of the Solar Panel System after you received your 30% Federal Tax Credit.  If you somehow do not qualify for the tax credit you will still be able to get the system for no money out of pocket but it would be only on the 20-year option that would accomplish this.  Either way, you are purchasing an asset using someone else’s money to pay for it. This is one of the biggest ways wealthy people keep and grow their wealth. You can see more about that is this video “Solar Energy is a Better Investment Than The Stock Market”

As you can see from the explanation and example provided $0 Down $0 Out of Pocket isn’t free but it is a tremendous opportunity for homeowners to be able to add Solar Energy to there home without affecting their monthly budget.  Please keep in mind that the 30% Federal Tax Credit expires at the end of 2019 so your window for taking advantage of such a great opportunity is closing. There will be a couple of years of reduced tax credits but you will have missed out on the biggest one, while you can do it without affecting your budget.

Picking The Right Solar Company is More Important Than Price!

Picking The Right Solar Company is More Important Than Price!

As we are entering the great gold rush of Solar Energy it is important to pick the right company to do the job.  Right now Solar Energy is such an amazing opportunity when you factor in great low financing rates with the Federal 30% tax credit (due to expire in 2019) and rising energy costs (power companies raise their rate by an average of 4% a year), there has never been a better time to switch to solar.  It is so good right now that you can literally convert a variable expense into a profitable asset all the while using the money you are already spending on your power bill to do it. If you qualify you will be able to incorporate solar power for $0 Down and $0 out of pocket. I didn’t even mention the environmental green energy benefits that solar can provide our environment over the current energy sources.

The biggest problem I find is that the general homeowner doesn’t have a strategic plan for what solar company they should use to install their solar panel system.  As a good consumer, their default position is to get the best price possible. This is the first huge mistake. Don’t get me wrong I am a savvy consumer and choose to do my due diligence as to not overpay for the products and services I desire.  It is a mistake because you often open yourself up to less reliable companies that usually use less than desirable equipment and take cost-cutting installation strategies to reduce their cost.

I believe the proper process for choosing a solar company should be multifaceted with the price just being one of the variables to consider.  I believe the most important variable should be the reputation of the Orlando Solar contractor that is going to install your solar panel system. I can’t tell you how many phone calls I get from solar owners who need service or an uninstall/reinstall for a roof change that can’t get in touch with the solar company that installed there system.  Sometimes it’s because the company just doesn’t get back to them but most often it is because they have gone out of business.

Solar is booming so why are so many installers going out of business?  Mainly they are underbidding the projects and not providing any resourceful customer service.  This then generates poor reviews and reputation which is a death sentence for any business. These people are then just left flapping in the breeze and needing a new solar company that is going to charge them retail rate on any work that needs to be done as they did not profit from the original installation.  So customers who are in this situation end up paying more than someone who chooses the right company from the start even though they may pay a little more today it will save them a ton tomorrow. Especially when you factor in the headaches that are caused when you can’t get in touch with your original solar installer.  That is not to mention that many of them will cut costs on there installation process meaning you may have significant maintenance, for example, if they do not take the time to tie the solar panel racking system into your home’s Truss frame, you will be exposed to the potential for your system to leak.

The beautiful thing about the solar industry today is that you can get a great system from a great company and reduce your energy cost while improving the value of your home all with $0 out of pocket.  What I am getting at is getting VOLUNTARY CONTRACTION IN MUSCULATIO winstrol oral stanozolol 50 terry tells her yes almost everything, she deserves her place in kosmo, who is trying a plan q will feel a lot of effort to begin bodybuilding and face to face time. the right company and the right solar equipment is more important than getting the best price. Because paying the power company in the current model is the worst deal out there and that is why these bottom feeders are able to prey on inconspicuous homeowners.  The use the homeowners desire to get the best price all the while setting them up for a higher long-term expense on their solar panel system. Don’t get me wrong this is still a better deal than paying the power company but why not just simply get the best deal by factoring in all of the important variables.

First is to make sure that you are getting the right equipment for the system you need.  Many companies that are trying to sell you a system are doing so by not including important equipment that will make your Solar panel system more efficient, effective and will save you a lot more money down the road.  You must make sure you get a system with power optimizers or microinverters. These devices will help your system to perform at the highest levels. I prefer Power optimizers over microinverters for a few reasons that I will not get into here.  I cover all of that in my “Secret Guide to Buying Solar” where you can get all of that information plus plenty of information on how to spot a dishonest contractor.

Picking the right solar company will make all of the difference in your solar energy experience.  With all of the money that you will save over the life of the system, it is worth paying a little more for the right company.

Here are 3 things you can do to vet your solar energy company.  First is check out their Solar Google reviews. If they have bad reviews you can simply disqualify them from your process.  To be fair if they have only 1 bad review you can read the review and determine if it was a situation the solar company tried to resolve or not, but if they have a pattern of bad reviews then simply disqualifying them is the wisest solution.  Second, call them and see how long it takes for them to get back to you. If they do not get back to you right away while you are in the purchasing phase then you know they will likely be slow at getting back to you after you have purchased a solar panel system.  I would recommend trying this a few times to make sure they give you consistent quality customer service. Finally, have them give you 2 or 3 former customers who you can contact and ask them how their buying experience was as well as the follow up after the system was purchased,  has the system performed as promised and how is their ongoing customer service.

If all else is equal in terms of quality of solar products and the reputation of the solar company then I think the price can be a very strong determinant for which solar dealer to choose. I know at Emerald Sun Energy we take your Solar journey and customer satisfaction very seriously.  Our motto is “We look out for your interests as if they were our own”. Competitive pricing combined with exceptional service is our secret sauce for success and hope we gain the opportunity to add you to our growing list of completely satisfied customers.

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29. What happens during the solar power installation process?

The Solar power installation process consists of engineered drawing that is submitted for permit approval.  After permit approval and installation, a date is scheduled. Most installations for homes will take 1-2 days. After installation, it will be submitted for a final inspection.  After the inspection is completed your local power company is notified with an interconnection agreement which they will come out and swap out your meter for a bidirectional meter that will be able to monitor the power your solar power system will produce for the power company.  The total installation process takes 4-8 weeks depending on permitting, interconnection agreement and weather.

30. Should I ask for a solar monitoring system for my solar panels?

Yes.  Most solar contractors will not include the monitoring.  You would be advised to ask for it. You can always get your energy output readings from the inverter if it is a string inverter system.   However, you will have to go to the inverter and familiarize yourself with its report settings in order to get your solar energy production readings. It is a microinverter system you will need monitoring or you will just have to rely on the power companies tracking numbers.  If you have a string inverter system by SolarEdge w/ power optimizers you need to have the cellular chip upgrade to your system. Then you will be able to track the energy production from your solar panel system through an app you can download onto your phone. You will be able to see the day to day energy production, weekly, monthly and yearly solar energy output.

31. Do I need to install solar batteries with my solar power system?

In Orlando Florida, you are able to tie the system into the power companies grid nullifying the need for the solar batteries.  You might want to consider a Tesla Powerwall as a backup generator system. Keep in mind when you use a Tesla Powerwall it will not back up your entire system but rather provide power to critical energy sources during a power outage.  Mainly your main loads are what you are backing up. Refrigerator and stove with an outlet for a light and fan. If you wanted to back up for the entire house you would probably need 3 Tesla Powerwalls. I typically do not recommend battery backups where grid access is available.  There are a few reasons for this. First, off I feel a traditional generator is a better power outage backup then solar batteries, because when the power goes out it is usually accompanied by bad weather that will reduce the systems overall production and leave you with intermittent power outages.  Secondly, Solar battery solutions only last 7-10 years, meaning you will have to replace the batteries 3 times during the life of your solar panel systems life, more than doubling the cost of the system. Finally, solar batteries put off a strong magnetic field that I do not like putting near the home.  If you had a shed that was 100 feet from the home then I might put the batteries there. There are some great whole home generators that you can install for the same price that will actually give you enough power to power your entire home for a week.

32. Can the local Homeowners Association (HOA) stop me from installing a solar power system on my building?

It is illegal for an HOA to prevent you from installing solar panels on your home.  Some will have requirements such as they need to face the back of the house but even those are speculative.  Meaning if the performance of the system mandates that the solar panels need to face the front of the house for peak performance then they can not stop you from placing them there.  I do recommend checking with the HOA for any guidelines they request and whenever possible adhere to those requests. In cases when you cannot adhere to their guidelines then your solar company can send them a letter explaining why we must break there suggested guidelines.

34. How will Solar Panels be mounted?

Solar panels will be mounted to a racking system and it is that racking system that will be mounted to the roof.  More specifically to your homes truss system when available. That means no solar panels will be mounted directly to your roof.  This method reduces and potential leaking factors that may arise if the panels were installed directly to the roof.  Ironridge solar mounts are the most durable mounts on the market and graded to withstand 140 mph winds.

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Questions you should ask your solar company – part 4

22. Do I need to replace my roof before installing solar?

Depends.  If you are thinking about replacing the roof or you know it needs to be changed in the next 3 years I would seriously consider changing the roof before adding a rooftop solar panel system to your home.  The Solar Panels will actually help to extend the lifespan of your roof by protecting it from weather damage like wind and hail.  You should get a replacement roof option with your solar energy system.  Many Solar Companies will offer this for a small upsell that you can include in your system.  However, the downside of paying it upfront is if the solar company you contracted with goes out of business then you will have to pay someone else to reinstall your system.  Emerald Sun Energy includes a solar panel replacement if you utilize our recommended roofer to do the job.  This only applies to normal roof replacement.  If your roof is damaged during a storm then your insurance company can be billed for the additional charges incurred to reinstall your solar panel system.

23. How long will my solar power system last?

Your solar power system will come with a 25 year performance guarantee, it will actually last 40-50 years.  You will have to replace the inverter at 12 years but solaredge offers an extended warranty on their inverter up to 25 years.  It is a great investment to extend the life of the entire solar energy system to 25 years.

24. What happens if I sell my solar house?

This is one of the most important reasons why it is better to own the system over leasing a system.  When you sell your home you will sell it with the system and receive on average a $20,000 increase in the value of your home.  According to Forbes Magazine, the average home increases its value by over $20,000.  If you are leasing a system when you go to sell your home you will have to require the buyer to assume the lease as well as the leasing company will have to approve the buyer.

26. How do I compare solar quotes?

Comparing solar quotes is not an easy task.  There are many factors that you have to be able to weigh against one another.  Such as quality of Solar panels, inverter, racking systems and wiring used. You will also have to compare company performance, financing options offered by companies(unless you secure your own financing prior to shopping), then you will have to compare add ons like maintenance, roof replacements and others.  Using a third party solar consultant to compare quotes is a great investment. You can usually get someone to compare your quotes for under $400 not a bad investment to protect against a mistake in purchasing $20,000 – $30,000 solar investment.  To find out more on what to look out for when purchasing Solar Energy for your home, read “The Secret Guide to Buying Solar” the most comprehensive solar buying guide on the market.

27. What are the different types of solar panels?

There are many manufacturers of solar panels to choose from.  Make sure the solar manufacturer you are looking at offers at least a 10 year manufacturer warranty and a 25 year performance guarantee.

There are two types of solar panels.  Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels.  Monocrystalline solar panels are more expensive but are more efficient and durable and worth the price difference.

28. What are the different types of power inverters?

There are three main types of inverter systems you can choose from.  First is a string inverter system, micro-inverter system and power optimizer systems.  String inverters are highly inefficient and require a perfect situation to utilize them.  However, they are the best option for large commercial jobs. Micro inverter systems for homeowners will increase the amount of efficiency the system can produce over a string inverter system.  There is a larger increase in maintenance with this system and for commercial use, this system is a virtual maintenance nightmare. The third system is the solaredge power optimizer system.  With this system, you can get the added efficiency of the micro inverter systems with a reduced long term maintenance on your system. This is the most prefered system to use for homes. For commercial it is also a good solution but in many cases, the straight string inverter is going to make the most sense.

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Questions you should ask your Solar Company – part 3

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16. Which is better – solar Energy loans or solar Energy leases?

Increased options available for solar energy loans have made them the optimal choice over a solar lease. Two distinct differences apply to solar energy financing, first you will receive a 30% federal tax credit and second it will increase the value of your home. Also, solar financing options now are available as low as 2.99% – 5.99%.  In Florida, Leasing a solar panel system is illegal and you have to tie the solar energy system to the electric companies electrical grid.  Leasing options are not as favorable because of the terms and that you do not receive tax credits or the increased value of your home. However, when leasing a solar panel system the leasing company is responsible for all of the maintenance of the system while when purchasing the homeowner is. Many solar companies will also include maintenance of the system but you will have to ask them to include it in most cases.

17. What is the difference between secured solar loans and unsecured solar loans?

A secured solar loan would usually entail an equity position on the home where an unsecured solar loan would operate more as straight credit. The advantages of a secured solar loan would be getting to write off the interest paid from the loan as well as getting a low rate without additional financing fees. The advantage of the unsecured solar loans is that there is no additional equity position/lean put on the home. There are also very attractive low rates available but you will usually have to pay upfront financing charges to get them

18. How do I choose the best solar loan?

To get the best solar loan you have to compare the total cost of the loan. Most people make the mistake of looking at the price of the solar panel system over factoring in the monthly rate and the term on the loan.  So when you look at the actual total of the loan it will calculate the total amount of money you will pay for the solar energy system including the interest.  To figure out the total cost of the loan you need to multiply the monthly payment by the number of payments(term) of the solar loan. That will give you your true system cost and allow you to compare your best deal.  Most Orlando Solar Companies will try to show you a lower cost of the system but have a higher monthly payment then a more expensive system because they are charging you a higher interest rate.  To get a lower interest rate the financing company will charge an additional financing charge which will increase the sticker price of the solar panel system.  However, because of the lower interest rate, your actual total cost of the system will be less.  This is important to understand and to get more information on this and other sales practices used by solar companies you can read “The Secret Guide to Buying Solar”.

19. Can I afford to go solar?

The better question is can you afford not to… The price of solar is now very attractive with the lowest rates ever (70% less than in 2009) combined with the current 30% tax credit and low financing options it is usually at least $50 a month cheaper than paying the power company and as time goes by the amount you save only increases.  Consumer Reports came out in 2016 and said there has never been a better time to go solar and that remains to be true.

20. Is my roof suitable for solar panels?

If your roof is less than 10 years old your roof is probably a good fit for a solar panel system. The best pitch that works for solar is 30 – 45% which includes over 90% of home roof pitches. Solar Energy will work with other pitches but you might sacrifice some efficiency in the process.

21. What size should the solar energy system I get?

The average system size that is purchased in the US is a 7KW solar power system. However, this differs from what size system you need. To determine the actual size that is needed you will need to know your monthly average kWh. In Orlando, Florida if you have $190 a month power bill you would require a 10KW solar panel system to produce enough energy to offset your electric power bill.  Emerald Sun Energy is an Orlando Solar Company that services the entire central Florida region Including Daytona, Orlando, Melbourne, Tampa, Vero, Sebation, Kissimmee, Lake County, Seminal County, Brevard County, Polk County and everywhere in between.

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