3 Step Solar Process

In-Home FREE Consultation

We will do a complete energy consumption analysis & give you valuable information about the Gov’t Incentives you Qualify for.

Solar System Design

Solar Panel System designed based on your annual average energy consumption in kWh. The system design is drawn to your roof through Google earth.

Solar Panel Installation

We install your solar panel system and turn it on for you to enjoy all of the benefits of owning your own solar power station.

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Why Solar?

  • 90% Power Bill Reduction
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Improve The Value of Your Home Up To 17%
  • $0 Down Financing
  • No Out Of Pocket Expense

Why Us?

  • Free In-Home Consultation
  • Quality Products
  • Free Energy Conservation Analysis
  • 25 Year Solar Panel Guarantee

Emerald Sun Energy Services

Solar Panel System Design & Installation

Included is our Free In-Home Consultation where we will assess if your home is solar qualified. Then we will design a solar panel system based on your consumption habits. Finally scheduling your installation and system activation.

Independent Solar Consulting

Our independent solar consulting service will protect the incredible investment into solar energy. Have a solar professional review 3 competitive solar quotes and advise you on the best offer for your home.

Home Energy Audit

An in-home review of your home’s energy efficiency. We will provide energy saving recommendations that will include energy conservation strategies and efficiency improvement strategies.

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