Picking The Right Solar Company is More Important Than Price!

As we are entering the great gold rush of Solar Energy it is important to pick the right company to do the job.  Right now Solar Energy is such an amazing opportunity when you factor in great low financing rates with the Federal 30% tax credit (due to expire in 2019) and rising energy costs (power companies raise their rate by an average of 4% a year), there has never been a better time to switch to solar.  It is so good right now that you can literally convert a variable expense into a profitable asset all the while using the money you are already spending on your power bill to do it. If you qualify you will be able to incorporate solar power for $0 Down and $0 out of pocket. I didn’t even mention the environmental green energy benefits that solar can provide our environment over the current energy sources.

The biggest problem I find is that the general homeowner doesn’t have a strategic plan for what solar company they should use to install their solar panel system.  As a good consumer, their default position is to get the best price possible. This is the first huge mistake. Don’t get me wrong I am a savvy consumer and choose to do my due diligence as to not overpay for the products and services I desire.  It is a mistake because you often open yourself up to less reliable companies that usually use less than desirable equipment and take cost-cutting installation strategies to reduce their cost.

I believe the proper process for choosing a solar company should be multifaceted with the price just being one of the variables to consider.  I believe the most important variable should be the reputation of the Orlando Solar contractor that is going to install your solar panel system. I can’t tell you how many phone calls I get from solar owners who need service or an uninstall/reinstall for a roof change that can’t get in touch with the solar company that installed there system.  Sometimes it’s because the company just doesn’t get back to them but most often it is because they have gone out of business.

Solar is booming so why are so many installers going out of business?  Mainly they are underbidding the projects and not providing any resourceful customer service.  This then generates poor reviews and reputation which is a death sentence for any business. These people are then just left flapping in the breeze and needing a new solar company that is going to charge them retail rate on any work that needs to be done as they did not profit from the original installation.  So customers who are in this situation end up paying more than someone who chooses the right company from the start even though they may pay a little more today it will save them a ton tomorrow. Especially when you factor in the headaches that are caused when you can’t get in touch with your original solar installer.  That is not to mention that many of them will cut costs on there installation process meaning you may have significant maintenance, for example, if they do not take the time to tie the solar panel racking system into your home’s Truss frame, you will be exposed to the potential for your system to leak.

The beautiful thing about the solar industry today is that you can get a great system from a great company and reduce your energy cost while improving the value of your home all with $0 out of pocket.  What I am getting at is getting VOLUNTARY CONTRACTION IN MUSCULATIO winstrol oral stanozolol 50 terry tells her yes almost everything, she deserves her place in kosmo, who is trying a plan q will feel a lot of effort to begin bodybuilding and face to face time. the right company and the right solar equipment is more important than getting the best price. Because paying the power company in the current model is the worst deal out there and that is why these bottom feeders are able to prey on inconspicuous homeowners.  The use the homeowners desire to get the best price all the while setting them up for a higher long-term expense on their solar panel system. Don’t get me wrong this is still a better deal than paying the power company but why not just simply get the best deal by factoring in all of the important variables.

First is to make sure that you are getting the right equipment for the system you need.  Many companies that are trying to sell you a system are doing so by not including important equipment that will make your Solar panel system more efficient, effective and will save you a lot more money down the road.  You must make sure you get a system with power optimizers or microinverters. These devices will help your system to perform at the highest levels. I prefer Power optimizers over microinverters for a few reasons that I will not get into here.  I cover all of that in my “Secret Guide to Buying Solar” where you can get all of that information plus plenty of information on how to spot a dishonest contractor.

Picking the right solar company will make all of the difference in your solar energy experience.  With all of the money that you will save over the life of the system, it is worth paying a little more for the right company.

Here are 3 things you can do to vet your solar energy company.  First is check out their Solar Google reviews. If they have bad reviews you can simply disqualify them from your process.  To be fair if they have only 1 bad review you can read the review and determine if it was a situation the solar company tried to resolve or not, but if they have a pattern of bad reviews then simply disqualifying them is the wisest solution.  Second, call them and see how long it takes for them to get back to you. If they do not get back to you right away while you are in the purchasing phase then you know they will likely be slow at getting back to you after you have purchased a solar panel system.  I would recommend trying this a few times to make sure they give you consistent quality customer service. Finally, have them give you 2 or 3 former customers who you can contact and ask them how their buying experience was as well as the follow up after the system was purchased,  has the system performed as promised and how is their ongoing customer service.

If all else is equal in terms of quality of solar products and the reputation of the solar company then I think the price can be a very strong determinant for which solar dealer to choose. I know at Emerald Sun Energy we take your Solar journey and customer satisfaction very seriously.  Our motto is “We look out for your interests as if they were our own”. Competitive pricing combined with exceptional service is our secret sauce for success and hope we gain the opportunity to add you to our growing list of completely satisfied customers.