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Emerald Sun Energy Product Commitment

  • All of our Solar Products use the top warranties available on the market
  • All of our PV Solar Panels come with a 25 year performance Guarantee
  • Our Inverters have a 12 year warranty w/ a 25 year extended warranty option
  • We Recommend Monocrystalline PV Solar Panels because of there increased durability and performance in hotter environments
  • We Recommend SolarEdge Inverter with power optimizers for Solar Inverter Solution. Increases Solar Panel System Production by 25%
  • We offer Florida's only solar panel production guarantee. Our system produces what we say or we pay the difference
Solar Production Guarantee

Solar Products

At Emerald Sun Energy we believe in creating the most efficient and profitable solar systems on the Orlando, Florida market. This is important because of the hot weather and cloud coverage that Florida endures. Our Solar Panel Recommendations takes all of Orlando weather conditions into account. Because of that we only supply top of the line equipment.  Many dealers will go with cheaper PV Solar Panels but mainly cheaper Photovoltaic Solar inverters to save you a few dollars but they may be costing you thousands.  It is part of our guaranteed pledge to only use the top of the line equipment with the highest warrantees available.  In many cases we are still able to match price and your overall performance will be much higher.  If the price is higher it will be negligible and built into the financing so you wont even notice it but you will notice the greater performance and return on investment.

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