Four common FAQs regarding Solar Energy

Among food, communication channels, transport, etc., energy has become an essential element or, rather say, a basic human need in today's time. Without it, there is hardly any chore that can be completed in our routine. For instance, energy is required to keep the electric railways running to help people with commuting. It is also necessary for residential and industrial activities, so basically everything. 

Having such importance, it has become crucial to ponder over energy conservation and generation sources to keep its demands fulfilled in the near future. According to a report, worldwide energy consumption is anticipated to grow to 778 Etta Joule by the year 2035, which makes us worry about extensive energy-generating mediums such as solar panels. 

Speaking of, solar energy panels are extremely common in most households across the world, just because they have been pitched as a future need! When you bring up the subject' Solar Panel', several questions arise regarding their installation, usage, and especially maintenance. 

Do Solar Panels Need to Be Maintained Regularly?

A solar panel comprises little photovoltaic sheets which are responsible for transforming sunlight into usable energy. Often these photovoltaic cells are struck by pollen, bird poop, dust, and debris which hamper the lifespan of the solar panel. Therefore, the maintenance of solar panels is of utmost necessity to reinforce its full potential to generate energy. The installation and maintenance of solar panels installed in households are usually catered by solar panels consultants who carry out operative inspections to ensure that these devices are functioning well throughout the year.

Cleaning your solar panel allows the panel cells to absorb more quantum of light and, as more light hits the platform, it leads to more energy generation. Routine maintenance expands the lifespan of the solar panels, so it means you can invest your time in cleaning them on a bimonthly basis and keep on obtaining benefits from them for years to come. Although the required maintenance is relatively moderate, they can be cleaned with a water hose as the water pressure conveniently separates the dirt and makes it stainless. 

How Do You Maintain Solar Panels?

As we have briefly discussed the maintenance of solar panels, which experienced solar power consultants must ideally do, let us explore the ways you can maintain your solar panels in a do-it-yourself manner:

  1. First things first, get the solar panel installed in a way that it acquires optimal sunlight. For instance, if your rooftop gets a lighter shade, you must look for alternative ways to install your solar panel across the walls of the premises adjacently. This way, they work efficiently in drawing the maximum sunlight and lead to effective power generation.

  2. Keeping track of the daily performance of a solar panel ensures its effective functioning. It provides you with vital metrics regarding average energy production units, their consistency over the weeks, and so on. These crucial values aid your understanding of the solar panel's working, and any inconsistency can further be taken up with the manufacturer for device rectifications.

  3. Some homeowners also steer clear from cleaning their solar panels themselves. In these cases, portable self-cleaners come in handy because they act like tiny sprinklers that automatically wash the dirt off while you stay busy with your work. 

Is there a Maintenance Difference Between Ground Vs. Roof Panels? 

Often households get bewildered while choosing between a ground solar system or a rooftop panel. It is because they both have different installation approaches, and maybe require a little different maintenance. It depends upon the ease of access to the solar panels that make their maintenance simpler. Since the solar panels installed on your backyard ground are easier to make, you can conveniently clean them with soap water or a photovoltaic sheet cleaner. 

On the other hand, rooftop panels are slightly challenging to reach- you have to take up a ladder or call professionals for the same. Furthermore, not everyone plans on going to the rooftop to clean the solar panels. Thus, cleaning a roof panel might become stringent and complex. 

Can I Monitor the Health of My Solar Panels? 

Along with daily maintenance, monitoring your solar panels' performance and physical condition is vital to avoid any hefty upfront repair costs in the near future. Self-monitoring and evaluating solar panels is relatively easier than people think. Below are a few steps that homeowners can look forward to while monitoring the health of their installed solar panels:

  • Check your inverter - The solar Energy that the photovoltaic cells absorb is further transformed into the power used in our households. The power inverter converts the direct current received from solar panels to alternating current. Thus it is imperative to keep an observing eye on your inverters to ensure that the solar panels work efficiently and as designed.

  • Manage power generation units via online apps - With the aid of digital transformation, you can now effortlessly analyze the panel system data such as daily power generation units, potential and expected production averages, etc. These numbers are portrayed over online apps downloaded on your smart devices and easily accessed via the internet. It promotes remote controlling and provides crucial insights that encourage homeowners towards responsible power utilization.

  • Lookout for tangible impediments - Last but not least, physical things such as bird droppings or leaves can build up dry coatings on the solar panel's sheet, causing photovoltaic cells to delaminate. As a result, it is recommended that you clean your solar panels regularly to maximize their production capacity over time.

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