Free In Home Consultation

Inhouse consultation

At Emerald Sun Energy we use a consultative approach to help you achieve your renewable energy needs. We recommend a strategy that is designed to create the greatest efficiency and production to generate the greatest return on investment. With our free in home consultation you will 5 Free Cost Saving Energy solutions that will immediately save you money. That is our free gift to you for meeting with us and taking an interest in reducing your energy consumption regardless of if you purchase a system. We will asses your consumption needs and recommend products that will produce the result you are looking for and save you thousands of dollars over the life of the panels.

Emerald Sun Energy follow a three pronged Solar Consultive approach:

5 Solar panels Roof Render

2. Production – This is where we will look at your consumption needs and determine the size of the Photovoltaic Solar Power System you will need to satisfy your consumption. Depending on the size of your roof and the sun exposure we may be able to recommend a system that reduces your power companies electricity needs to zero! Very exiting I know.