Solar Production Guarantee

Florida's Only Solar Production Guarantee

Don't Buy A Solar Panel System Without One

Guaranteed Savings Or Get Paid Back On The Difference

If the System under performers you receive a check for the amount of production that the Solar Panel System underperformed

Protects Your Solar Investment Against Dishonest Contrators

Not all solar contractors have your best interest at heart. The guarantee neutralizes trust factors and focuses on results.

Guarantee Makes Going Solar Risk Free

This guarantee will give you the piece of mind of knowing you have made the best decision for your family and for the environment.

Annual Guaranteed kWh Production

Protects and guarantees your system’s production which gives you guaranteed savings

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What Is A Solar Production Guarantee?

Emerald Sun Energy offers Florida’s only Solar Production Guarantee. The production guarantee gives you a guaranteed amount of kWh (kilowatt hours) that your system will produce for the year. Either your Solar Panel system produces the amount of kWh we say it does or we will pay you the difference. Emerald Sun Energy will pay you per kWh short by your power companies kWh rate.

Protect Yourself From Dishonest Solar Contractors

Tricks Dishonest Solar Contractors will use to get you to buy your solar panel system. They mainly include false claims, confusion tactics, and outright lies. They rely on your lack of solar knowledge and prey on your desire for a great deal. The best way to defend against this is to have a Solar Production guarantee

  • Sneaky Sales Tactics
  • Product Misrepresentations
  • Inaccurate System Requirements
  • Poor Quality Products
Show Me The Sales Tricks Dishonest Contractors Use?

Solar Production Gaurantee

Don't Buy A Solar Panel System Without One!