Why, When, and How to Clean Your Solar Panels? Here’s a Complete Guide!

People in many parts of this world are experiencing an extreme lack of electricity, aka energy sources that could light up their homes, act as fuel to their machinery and provide them with a better/ easy life. The energy crisis is a serious issue that has been prevailing for a long time. People have been trying to counter it by using natural resources to generate power, one among them being sunlight. 

Although it can be considered a new-found invention, generating energy directly from sunlight has proven to be more resource and cost-effective because it is available to us in superabundance. Electricity thus generated is better termed solar power, created by maneuvering PV panels (photo-voltaic) that absorb the sun's rays into usable energy. Generally, a power grid is integrated with these solar panels responsible for converting the Direct Current (DC) perceived into Alternating Current (AC), which appliances can use. 

What Are the Common Solar Blockers?

Solar panels are, in fact, quite easily exposed to natural elements that block their usual functionality of absorbing the sunlight. These solar blockers can be leaves, dust, debris, etc. Such recurring blockage could certainly be avoided if you plan to clean your solar panels now and then. Elements in your surroundings could be - 

  1. Dust - Dust particles could easily accumulate on the surface of your solar panels and remain there until an additional force acts on them, like you intend to clean it or it rains.
  2. Leaves or Twigs - Other commonly found items on solar panels are leaves and small branches of the trees in the people's surroundings. This mostly depends upon the geographical location of your solar panels and your home. If tall trees surround your house, you may see leaves falling onto the solar panels, more often in the Autumn season.
  3. Water - A combination of dust particles and twigs could become a bigger hassle when it pours down. The undesirable rainwater could further block the solar panels and minimize your system's efficiency.

Why Clean Your Solar Panels Periodically?

It is common for solar panels to get less cleaning and care due to their owners' busy routines. However, cleaning them occasionally, if not regularly, has been significantly helpful. Let's explore a few reasons why it should be done - 

  • Improves efficiency - System performance and efficiency levels are parameters most owners trust for their solar panels. The more they perform better and generate electricity, the better they are. Regular maintenance and day-to-day cleaning must do the job to achieve such results. Before the summer arises, you must plan and clean the panels from the surface area for them to absorb maximum sunlight and produce power. Doing so, you will surely notice the difference in performance. 
  • Improve Durability - Routine cleaning of the solar panels is often mentioned as a requisite in the user manual guides that come with the mechanism. The reason is that excessive dust and debris could significantly damage solar panels and lower their lifespan. Therefore, you can contribute significantly to the wear and tear of the system. To improve its durability, adopt a cleansing routine for your solar panels. 
  • Aesthetically Appeal - Solar-powered panels are a part of the latest housing trends, and homeowners wouldn't want their premises to look aged or out of trend. To bring a new, fancy look to your solar panels, one must keep them thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained.
  • Get an Opportunity to Inspect - And lastly, when you clean your solar panels more often, you get to inspect and analyze the issues in the system, if any. The earlier the issue is detected, the better it is. The condition of the complete system can be derived if you clean it periodically. 

When to Clean Your Solar Panels?

Extensive cleaning can be ventured once or twice a year and with the aid of designated professionals only. Nevertheless, if your warranty agreement states or provides you with a few additional cleaning services during the contract, do avail the opportunity and take advantage of their assistance. It is recommended to clean your solar panels before the arrival of summer, as the changing season brings with it environmental pollutants.

How to Clean Your Solar Panels?

Homeowners can use professional cleaning services or DIY it to clean their solar panels. The procedure requires a bucket of warm water, cleaning soap or detergent, mushy fiber cloths, and a sponge. 

Start by adding the dish soap to a piece of cloth and pour some hot water on it. Begin to lightly nudge or clean the panel and ensure gentle taps only. Since these panels are the source to absorb sunlight, you mustn't knock them off and damage the system. Continue the procedure till the entire surface is immaculate and looks like new!

Why Seek Professional Help?

If you need a hand, connect with your area's professional solar panel cleaners to expect better results. DIY cleaning is easy to apply, but some homeowners seek professional help to avoid the hassle. Professionals are better at this task because they acquire specialized training and expertise that qualifies them to determine the condition of your solar panels and work on them accordingly. 


As solar panels are expensive equipment that needs proper care and maintenance, reaching out to expert professionals is beneficial. Luckily, you can contact Emerald Sun Energy, a Solar Installation Company in Orlando that caters to services like panel installation, cleaning and inspection tasks, etc. We have a designated service program that allows our customers to benefit from our dedicated services and experience. At Emerald Sun Energy, we aspire to prioritize our customer's needs and provide an action plan based on their requirements. Reach out to us if you need technical assistance!


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