What are the aftercare and maintenance tips for solar panels?

With electricity bills becoming a money-guzzler and everyone becoming more concerned about the depletion of natural resources, the flocking of homeowners to solar panels is no surprise. 

There is no other better source of renewable energy than solar panels. Since solar energy is abundant, there is no need to worry about how much solar energy you use. This might be the reason why the solar panel market has witnessed a stagnant growth of almost 4.8% in the year 2020.

When it comes to installing solar panels, for most people, the maintenance and aftercare of solar panels is still an alien concept. Still, unlike the boiler, you should know that solar panels can work efficiently without yearly service. However, this doesn’t mean that some maintenance tips for solar panels won’t come in handy for homeowners. 

Here, we have outlined some easy to adapt maintenance tips for making the most of the solar panels installed on your rooftop. 

Why is it important?

It doesn’t matter whether you just want low electricity bills or don’t want the environment to become noxious because of greenhouse gasses; in all cases, solar panels are an impeccable solution for accommodating your power consumption needs with zero negative aspects. 

The annual growth in the residential electricity price reached 1.4% in the US, and according to the experts, this number will keep increasing in the future. To manage this breakneck pace of increase in the electricity bill, you need solar power consultants and proper solar power installation. 

Besides this, solar power has become a necessity due to the harmful effect of greenhouse gasses being produced due to non-renewable sources of energy. This means by choosing solar power through solar power consultants, you will be contributing towards a greener planet. 

Solar power also offers tax benefits and support from the government since even the government knows that solar power will be the future of power consumption. They need to motivate people to switch to solar power. 

5 Maintenance tips for solar panels to increase their life

  • Cleaning and caring for your solar panels

Solar panels are not invincible to dust and dirt as they are constantly exposed to the open environment. A thick layer of dust can block the solar panels, and it can reduce the ability of the solar panels to power up your house. 

You just need soapy wipes and water to keep the solar panel clean, and in some cases, even the rain does the same job. But instead of waiting for the black clouds, you should clean the solar panels at least once every six months, especially if you live in an area where dust and debris are ubiquitous. 

  • Keep a check on energy usage

Keeping an eye on energy usage is also an essential part of solar panel maintenance as it allows you to know the effectiveness of solar panels. But this doesn’t mean that you need a special tool kit for measuring energy usage as a solar power consultant offers a data monitoring solution and solar panel installation. 

The monitoring solution that you will get along with the solar panel installation offers accurate output data on a specific website or on a specially designed app that can be used on smartphones. This is why choosing the right solar power consultant is also necessary. 

  • Ensure ample sunlight is available in your area

The location where the solar panels will be installed will matter a lot. If you have trees around your house, they can block the sunlight, and thus, your solar panels can become less effective. Moreover, any construction on the roof that might block the sunlight can affect the performance of the solar panels. 

Even after the installation, you must check whether the solar panels are getting ample sunlight or not. For example, you can get rid of the new branches from a nearby tree that might be blocking the sunlight, or you can avoid any construction on the rooftop that might block the sunlight. 

  • Look at the components of solar panels periodically

PV modules, inverters, batteries, and mounting structures are the most common and essential solar panel components. You don’t need to be an expert to check this component periodically. Just a little bit of research on the internet can help you in determining whether all these components are in the right shape and size or not. 

When you call solar power company Orlando, you must take a picture of the complete solar power system. Upon the periodic check, you can know whether something is wrong by just comparing the picture with the current state of the solar power system. 

  • Time-to-time inspection

Since solar panels aren’t installed inside the house in a safe environment, they need a time-to-time inspection. Everything must be checked during these periodic inspections, from dust and debris to damages. Otherwise, you will end up cribbing about the solar panels not being that effective. 

You can check the orientation of the solar panels, their exposure to sunlight, color change in any of the parts, the output of the solar panels, and much more. Just make sure that you check all the aspects of a properly working solar panel during the inspection. 

Solar panels have become a necessity in the current era. Along with the increasing electricity bills, the traditional method of electricity production is taking a toll on the planet. Calling a solar power company Orlando like Emerald Sun Energy and installing solar panels can turn out to be the best decision. 

But if you want to keep the solar panel up and running, you must use the tips mentioned above and enjoy the renewable source of energy for a longer duration of time.