What does President Trump Pulling out of the Paris Accord mean for the solar industry?

The immediate reaction Solar Power Company Orlandois to panic into a state of hysteria. As President Trump's resistance to clean energy is truly baffling. For someone who is so concerned about jobs the fact that he is not considering how robust of a job market renewable energy has been in recent years is remarkably short sited. It is the largest segment of new jobs being created in the energy sector. According to Fortune.com renewable energy is creating jobs 12 times faster than the rest of the economy.
  In his speech, President Trump referred to his reasoning for making this monumental decision was looking at future projected reductions in energy productions from environmentally hazardous sectors like coal which he stated would be reduced 83% by 2040.  He further went on to say that there are new coal plants opening in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The future ramifications of this decision can put America irreversibly behind the industrialized world when it comes to modernization and an eco-friendly environment.  The impact could potentially be catastrophic as I believed we were on the verge of being the world's clean energy leader.  As a world leader, we would be able to dictate and develop an industry that would create way more jobs than trying to hang onto archaic jobs that harm the workers' health and damages our environment.  The long-term economic ramifications may be felt for generations.
Being an industry leader in Clean Energy would position the United States in the enviable position of leading the way in new technology development and research into renewable energy.  It is the difference between playing checkers and playing chess.  President Trump is playing checkers.  He thinks by jumping the red piece on the board is securing America’s future.  What he doesn’t realize is he is playing chess and he just exposed his queen.
Concept of climate change.
  It is almost like he would have to have a secret agenda to pump up our reliance on coal and oil for this decision to make sense to me.  Then again it does fit into the billionaire club that he has as a cabinet and the 50 billion dollar tax break he is giving to his billionaire friends.  Can this just be another box checked to the elite oligarchy? To be fair President Trump did say he wants to re-enter the Paris Accord with an agreement that will put America on an even playing field with the rest of the world.  This does sound fair in the sense that China and India do not have the coal restrictions that we have and would be able to produce coal at an even cheaper rate than the US can.  Further driving down energy costs for their countries but making the United States more vulnerable to energy embargoes and supply issues. For all of the baggage, issues and unqualified experience to perform as President I did feel that President Trump’s only positive characteristic was his business prowess to determine when a deal has room to be reworked in our favor.  Hopefully, that is the case here.
Clean energy concept illustration
However, the fact that he takes this stance after repeatedly denying that global warming is an issue that man is contributing to, calling it a scam to hurt American businesses is just misguided and dangerous.  That's like saying it is a hoax that water boils at 212 degrees.  The science is overwhelming and verified by independent scientist that are not being compensated by either side of the isle.  We have a responsibility to survive today and preserve a fruitful environment for our future generations.
  How does this impact the solar industry in the United States?  That is up to us.  According to the NY Times, 57% of Floridians do believe we are causing Global Warming which is below the National average of 69% of Adults believe we are contributing to Global Warming and need to restrict our carbon emissions. The fact that in most states energy costs are on the rise and the price of solar has dropped by 60% since 2010 leads me to believe we are on the cusp of a Solar Revolution that will move us closer to energy independence and a cleaner environment. When we couple that with advancements in solar panel efficiencies and financial lending options most Americans today can go solar at a lower cost than to continue to purchase energy from their local power companies. That makes now the best time ever to Install Solar Panels while the Federal Tax Credit is still available until the end of 2019.  Home & business owners will still receive a 30% Tax credit for the purchase of a solar panel system.
We have to be diligent in our efforts and homeowners need to be properly informed of all of the benefits that they will receive by converting to Orlando Solar Power and how to purchase the most profitable solar panel system that they can.  In Florida, there are many avenues of miss information being passed out by opportunistic Solar contractors.  To protect yourself in buying process you need to read “The Secret Guide to Buying Solar”.  Discover everything you need to know and how to purchase a solar panel system with a solar production guarantee.  That will protect your system and guarantee its profitability.
  President Trump may deny climate change but Americans overwhelmingly support clean energy efforts.  The Bottom line is Solar Energy is more cost effective for homeowners than to continue to pay the power companies escalating energy costs. In conclusion, I believe this will have little impact on the Solar Industry and the long term outcome is up to us to take action and convert to solar energy.