Solar Energy In Orlando, Florida is on the rise and the 7 most Important Questions You Should Ask Your Orlando Solar Company

1. What are the financial benefits of solar energy?

The biggest financial benefit for solar energy in Orlando, Florida is it will continually lower your kWh rate over time. As your power company raises its rates, by 4% a year on average, you will be insulated from these rate increases. Over the life of the system, your savings can exceed $50,000 over the money you will already spend. The best part about the money you make on solar is that it is in savings of post-tax dollars which means the money you make is not taxable and makes your gross rate profit the same as your net rate profit. For example, if you were to earn this same money in the stock market then those earnings would be taxable under capital gains.

2. What are the environmental benefits of solar energy?

Solar Energy will reduce your carbon footprint. Solar Energy doesn’t need to be drilled, Doesn’t need to be processed at a facility, doesn’t need to be transported and most importantly doesn’t need to be burned. According to a recent article from CNN, they state that solar may be the one variable that can rescue us from global warming. See link in video description below

3. How do I find out how much Strength training for a future military overtraining all about weight rack. I pay for electricity?

You can look at your power bill to determine your active kWh rate, but make sure you factor in many power company charge either increased rates over a designated monthly kWh usage or a premium rate for energy used during peak hours. The average kWh rate including taxes ranges from $.12 to $.16 per kWh in Orlando, Florida.

4. What is net metering?

Net Metering is the agreement in place with power companies that allow you to produce your own energy and sell your excess energy to the power company for energy credits to be used at a later time or date. During the day your solar power system will produce all of the energy you will need for the entire day and then at night, you will use your accumulated credits from the energy you produced during the day. The best part of net metering is that you are able to sell your power to the power company at the retail rate for the energy that you use.

5. How does solar impact my property values?

This is what makes solar energy the best investment in the market. According to Forbes Magazine, you recoup 97% of your investment the day you install the panels on your roof. This is what allows you to convert a variable expense into a profitable asset. Essentially you are converting your power bill into an asset that increases your property value as well as insulating yourself from future power rate hikes.

6. How do solar photovoltaic (PV) solar panels work?

Solar panels generate electricity through the photovoltaic process. This is where the silicon solar panels separate the electrons from the protons. The electrons are then funneled down into the inverter that will convert the dc electricity into ac electricity which is what your home and the grid work off of.

7. Do my solar panels produce power when the sun isn’t shining?

It will generate some electricity but it will be less than when it is clear weather and sunny. Here in Orlando, there is a lot of Sun but there is also a lot of clouds, hence getting a solar power system with SolarEdge power optimizers maximizes your solar panel system energy production. For More Questions you should ask your solar company visit our ongoing series:

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