Solar Reseller Program

Earn $500 to $2000 Per Month & Up

This is a lucrative part time opportunity.  Work on your own schedule.  Have control over the amount of money you want to make.   Simply refer interested homeowners who are looking to save money on their power bill or are interested in doing their part to lower their carbon footprint and Earn $500 for every referral that has a system Installed.  On average 1 in 4 qualified referrals have a system installed.  Refer one lead a week and start making $500 per month.  Take control of your financial future and add this tremendous secondary revenue stream to your income that can help you save money and gain financial independence.  

How It Works 

1.  Sign up to become a Solar Reseller below
2.  Get access to your custom website link
3.  Promote your custom website and get credit for all referrals that come from your marketing efforts
4.  Manually input leads into your website for non web lead using the  Affiliate Lead Submissions form
5.  You may even book an appointment date & time for your prospect this more than doubles your conversion rates
6.  We meet with your referral and wehn they install a unit you will be paid $500
7.  You get access to back end to track results as well as valuable marketing and sales materials designed to help you create interested qualified leads.
How To Get Qualified Leads
 A qualified lead is a prospect that is interested in learning how solar can save/make them money by turning their power bill into a profit producing asset.  A qualified lead knows that they have a scheduled appointment or are expecting a call from Emerald Sun Energy.
1.  Market Your Custom Website In Central & Southern Florida
2.  Warm referrals, friends & family that you know would be interested in learning how much money solar can save them or if they are environmentally conscious how solar can lead us to energy independence and help reverse the effects of global warming.
3.  Telemarketing – we will provide you with marketing material and access to telemarketing lists if you want to turn your part time opportunity to a great home based business.
4.  Door Knocking- we will provide you with marketing materials to speak to people door to door.
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