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Rodney Williams

As most of us grow older and hopefully a little wiser from experiencing both highs and lows in life, we realize how much each decision we make can significantly impact our lives for years to come,  "If I had only invested in company X...studied a little bit more like my mother told me...taken the advice my grandfather gave me"....and so on!  Going solar at this time in history is another one of those decisions folks, as well as selecting the right solar company to do it with!  The good news is that I've done ALL of the necessary homework and learned the hard lessons for you so that you can avoid costly mistakes that unfortunately many people have made but found out too late!  Here's a little bit about me:

  • Served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves for 6 years
  • Active in Solar as a consultant since 2016
    - Worked with Solar City / Tesla, Momentum Solar, and PES Solar
  • Married and a father of 3
  • Native Floridian
  • Equally passionate about the environmental and economic benefits of solar

To me, the most important qualities that a person or company can have are HONESTY, INTEGRITY, DEPENDABILITY, and RESPONSIBILITY.  Having worked in the solar industry for several years and for a few different companies, I found that most companies lacked these qualities.  Honesty was usually the first quality they expected their salespeople to compromise in order to get the sale at any cost, which to me was unacceptable.  After losing a few sales to Emerald Sun Energy, I decided to research their company to find out what they were offering that we weren't!  The answer was simple....an HONEST owner that offers top-rate equipment for a great price with an iron-clad warranty to back it up without exceptions! This is why I decided to work for Emerald Sun Energy!


Defending Earth One Home At A Time

Orlando’s Most Trusted Solar Company

Since 2015 Emerald Sun Energy has dedicated itself to becoming Orlando’s premier Solar Contracting Installer. We have developed an incredible reputation based on meeting and exceeding customer expectations and customer service. We are proud of our 5 Star Google rating and our A+ BBB Rating and you will be too.

Customer 1st Approach

We take your solar journey seriously. Our customer 1st approach revolves around our customer philosophy of being accountable, available, and clear communication. We are on this journey every step of the way with you and commit to keeping you informed every step of the way.

Solar Production Guarantee

With our Solar Production Guarantee, we have taken the guesswork of what you can expect from your solar energy system. It’s simple we will guarantee your energy production in kWh. If we are wrong we will PAY you the difference. This Guarantees your system will be profitable.

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