Photovoltaic String Inverter

Photovoltaic String Inverter

Features, Advantages & Disadvantages of String Inverter

Photovoltaic String Inverters – Features

  • Most recommended solar panel system designed by solar contractors
  • All Solar Panels are strung together to form 1 array
  • All Solar Panels must face the same direction and angle
  • Most inefficient PV Solar Inverter
  • Links all of the solar panels into a single array
  • Converts (Direct Current) DC Electricity into (Alternating Current) AC Electricity

PV String Inverter – Advantages

  • Cheapest PV Solar Inverter Option

PV String Inverter – Disadvantages

  • Only as Strong as the weakest Solar Panel
  • Christmas Lights Effect. When one panel goes down the entire system goes down
  • Ineffective with any solar panel shading including trees and clouds
  • All panels must face the exact same direction. Most homes don't have enough room on one roof to accommodate electricity needs
  • System must utilize south facing roof
  • Only 60% efficient compared to other inverter options

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