Photovoltaic Micro Inverter

Photovoltaic Solar Micro Inverter

Features, Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Micro Inverter

Polycrystalline Solar Panel – Features

  • Micro Inverter attaches to each solar panel in the System.
  • Converts DC electricity to AC electricity at the solar panel level
  • Complicated wiring system compared to string inverter
  • More efficient than string inverters
  • Most Expensive Inverter Option

Solar Micro Inverter – Advantages

  • Works well in shading situations
  • Each panel performs independently which solves the weakest link issue with standard string inverters
  • 80% efficiency vs 60% efficiency of string inverter

Solar Micro Inverter – Disadvantages

  • Most equipment and complex wiring of any inverter system
  • each micro inverter has a capacitor that will go bad, much higher maintenance with this system
  • Unless you are using a monitoring system you will not know which capacitors have gone bad, which reduces efficiency
  • Most Expensive Solar Inverter System

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