Solar Incentive and Rebates

Solar Incentives & Rebates

Putting Solar on your home is a great investment without any incentives.  However, there are many that are available.  Your energy consultant will walk you through the process and even supply all of the forms that are necessary for you to take advantage of all of the available incentives.  We believe this is an important added value service that we provide because it makes a great investment into a no-brainer and never feels better than when we give our clients a tremendous product with a tremendous return on investment.  Here are some of the incentives your energy consultant will help you with.


Net Meter

Net Metering – With net metering your local municipality agrees to pay you the retail rate for all of the energy your system produces if you use it or not. So any energy you produce over your consumption needs will be bought back at current retail prices. Currently, in Florida, that is between $0.12 & $0.13 per kwh.

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Sales Tax Exemptions

Sales Tax Exemptions –  With a sales tax exemption you are able to purchase the system at retail cost without any additional sales tax.  In Florida, that equates to an additional 6% savings. Your energy consultant will review any new incentives or changes that are always occurring.

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