How It Works

Emerald Sun Energy follows a client friendly consultation process.  We have such a strong belief that our products will improve your life and make you money that we decided to keep our approach simple.  We will always be transparent to help us gain your confidence and trust.  That is why we make our 6 point commitment pledge.  Gaining your energy independence is as easy as following these steps:

1.  Consultation –  

When you meet with your energy consultant they will survey your home and give you your 5 free energy saving strategy. They will then asses your consumption needs and recommend solar products that will reduce your electricity bill and save and make you money.

2.  Financing –  

Then your energy consultant will review your financing options and find the one that will best suite your current financial situation. You do not have to finance your deal. We are able and willing to take a cash payment, which many seniors choose to do.

3.  Incentives & Rebates –

Your energy consultant will provide you will all of the forms that you will need to submit to receive all of your incentives and rebates that are available for you.

4.  System Design –

Then our Insured and Licensed installers will design your system to maximize the angle and roof positioning. The will also assist you with any permits that will be required.

5.  System Installation –

Your installing team will install the complete solar package including solar panels, batteries, solar water heaters and solar attic fans.

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