PV Off Grid Solar Panel System

PV Off Grid Solar Panel System

Features, Advantages & Disadvantages of Off Grid Solar

Off Grid Solar Panel System – Features

  • Solar Panels are fixed to the roof. They then are able to separate the electrons from the protons using the photovoltaic effect. The electrons are produced in DC electricity and is readily available for use for dc devices like battery storage but does need to undergo a photovoltaic inverter conversion to be used for household.
  • The DC electricity is run through your battery backup system where your energy is stored for future usage. It is important in an off grid system to have enough batteries to power your entire load for the entire night.
  • Your energy will then run from your battery system to your photovoltaic Inverter to convert the DC electricity to AC electricity for home appliance use.
  • There are Three main types of photovoltaic inverters used today. String Inverter, micro inverter and string inverter with power optimizers
  • The inverter is fed into your electrical box using a 220 volt AC output.
  • Power is now available for your home to run on.

Off Grid Solar Panel System – Advantages

  • No connection fee from the power company
  • Energy independence. You have power even when the power grid is down.
  • Great for remote locations with limited grid connections. These systems are most readily used in developing countries that don’t have well developed electrical grids. Also in remote mountain locations.

Off Grid Solar Panel System – Disadvantages

  • Much larger system requirements. You need to build a system that can produce enough energy to meet your high demand months instead of your average monthly consumption. In Orlando you would need to build a system for your peak months of July and August, with a grid tied system you can use a smaller system because you are producing your average energy.
  • More expensive. Between having to build a larger system which cost more. You then need the batteries which will add in excess for 60-75% more cost
  • Higher maintenance cost with off grid pv systems. Batteries need to be changed every 7-10 years which add considerable cost to the system. In total an off grid system is 2 a 3 times as expensive as a grid tied solar panel system.
  • When there is extensive cloud coverage for days you may be without power for some of those days. It is highly recommend that you have a quality generator for such occasions. Adding even more additional cost.

Two Types of Solar Panels

Mono-crystalline Solar Panels

Polycrystalline Solar Panels