How Can Solar Panels Thrive In Winters?

Being a continuous, clean, and free source of electricity that is renewable at no cost, solar power is one of the greatest investments one can think of. It not only is great in producing limitless electricity supply but one could also use it for small scale as well as large scale purposes. 

You may find most households that have manageable solar panels installed on their rooftops as they are a secure investment that is worthy enough to be with you for years to come. Since solar panels are usually considered a one-time investment, it is undoubtedly correct that they have to put up with different types of weather conditions. Be it scorching summers or chilly winters, or even snowfall - your solar panels will have to experience such circumstances come what may.

Let It Snow, Your Panels Will Work 

If you’re in Orlando and have a solar consultant, you may know how your solar panels function in snowy weather conditions. Your solar consultant might probably have educated you about the pros and cons of heavy snowfall on the solar panel sheets - whether or not they remain capable of absorbing sunlight to generate electricity. Although one may think that solar panels generally work efficiently during the summertime, in reality, solar photovoltaic panels possess the potential to absorb heat during all four seasons. Even if it is snowing, the solar panels installed at your house’s rooftop would effectively run to generate optimum electricity supply.

Do Solar Panels Work In The Snow? 

Yes! Even though the temperature goes low, the solar panels will continue to convert the available amount of sunlight into consumable power. However, it may be obvious that you will experience a lower supply output than you get in the summertime because of the fact that heavy snowfall and winds can create a sheet of snow on the solar panel sheets. Such thick frost does not allow the solar panels to absorb as much sunlight as they are capable of, and therefore, you get a lower power supply. 

How can I keep my Solar panels safe during winters? 

Safeguarding your solar panels from extreme freezing weather conditions is significant when you need the complete system to keep going for some more years, so it would be essential to take great care of it. In order to keep them safe, make sure to follow this guide: 

  1. First, make sure that the tilt angle of solar panels is against the snow angle so much of the snow does not accumulate on the panel surface.

  2. Make an effort to offload your power supply, and promote optimum usage of electricity during the wintertime. It also includes limiting the ghost load which generally happens due to plug-ins, for instance, you leave the television turned on without anyone watching it.

  3. Switch to lighter, power-efficient light bulbs and replace the high-consuming lighting systems to make sure you consume limited or required power.

  4. Keep an eye on the battery performance of your solar power generator and make sure to not let its temperature fall drastically.

  5. Use a digital thermostat to maintain the average heating temperature of the home for better insulation.

Additionally, follow these points by heart to keep your solar power panels in workable conditions for a longer period:

    • Use a roof rake - Roof rakes are pretty efficient in clearing off stuff from rooftops, especially if they are positioned on a tilt angle. You can get a longer roof rake to clear the thick sheet of snow, or leave off your rooftop and stimulate them to work properly. It is always a good idea to manually shed the settled snow from the rooftop to avoid damage caused by ice dams.

    • Remove the snow every 2-3 days - It is suggested to put a lot of effort into the regular cleaning routine of your rooftops to make sure that ice dams do not prevent solar panels from functioning efficiently. Frequently removing the snow from the roofs is surprisingly easy as it is fresh snow and might not have settled, so it would be quite simple to rake it.

    • Blow warm air at your solar panels - Doing so will allow the stuck snow particles to come off and one can conveniently clean the solar panel surface. Such services are generally rendered by companies that offer solar consulting in Orlando. You can enlist experts to effectively blow warm air at your solar panel surfaces, even get them cleaned consistently.

    • Spray your solar panel with a hose - A water hose can surely be used to remove the dust, light snow, leaves, and other debris off your solar panels. The high-pressured product is beneficial especially when you’re washing the solar panels after a fresh snowfall. The pressure of the hose discharges the water with immense pressure, so it is important you carefully use it to spray your solar panels.

    • Use Solar Consulting for keeping them safer - Solar consulting in Orlando allows you to get insights about how to keep your solar panels in working condition for years, or how to operate them in heavy snowfalls, etc. Expert guidance is beneficial to get the guaranteed repair, replacement, and maintenance services and claim the in-warranty benefits from the product company. 


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