What is a Solar Production Guarantee

A Solar Production Guarantee will Guarantee your solar panel system is Profitable

Why You Should never buy a solar panel system without one

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Emerald Sun Energy offers Florida’s only solar production guarantee.  A solar production guarantee protects the solar panel system owner from poorly performing solar panel systems.   A solar panel system may perform poorly for a few different reasons but the main reason is that the solar contractor does not install a high performance system.  They will often cut corners to lower price which dramatically affects the performance of the system.  This often goes seemingly un-noticed,  the long term effect of this usually cost the homeowner $10,000’s of dollars, I have seen examples where this has cost them up to $40,000 in lost Return on Investment.

Purchasing a solar power system for your home is a valuable thing to do in terms of increasing the value of your home as well as the reduction of your energy expenses.  The shopping process however can be difficult as far as understanding all of the essential intricacies that are necessary to have the highest performing system you can buy.  As a conscientious shopper our knee jerk response is to shop for the best price.  I am not condemning this practice as it is my first response in the shopping process. However when it comes to solar energy in Orlando this will often put the homeowner in a vulnerable position for an opportunistic solar contractor.  You see there are so many different ways that a solar contractor can cut corners to reduce


the price of the system. This usually works as the homeowner feels they are getting a great deal, however the term losses almost always out gain the short term saving.

It the example of the homeowner who lost over $40,000 in estimated Return On Investment, he only saved $2,100 on the cost of the system.  So a savings of $2,100 cost them over $40,000 in future savings.  If they would have demanded a performance guarantee for the solar power system they were purchasing that contractor would have backed out ot the deal knowing his system would not perform up to  expectations or he would have built them a higher performing system for $2,100 more.


That is the tricky part about purchasing solar panel system, how do you decide between price and value.  To find out you should read “The Secret Guide To Buying Solar”, in this guide we break down everything you need to know in order to purchase a solar panel system, how to spot dishonest contractors and how to deal with them. Solar is unique in this way because often for a little bit more cost you receive a tremendous amount of future value.  A good example of this would be if you were purchasing a car and you are going to choose between a Mercedes or a Kia. Both vehicles can be said to do the same thing, however the Mercedes is going to perform

better and last longer.  When you are choosing between these two you will face a price discrepancy of $80,000 for the Mercedes and $30,000 for the KIA.  For many people choosing the KIA is the smarter choice because of the price difference,  meaning what they are getting is good enough for the price they are paying.  Unfortunately this does not hold true in Solar because the Mercedes system in solar might be $35,000 and the KIA would be $32,000.  If this was the price difference between the Mercedes and the KIA I suspect you would choose the Mercedes every time.  So the price difference between the top performing system vs an underperforming economic system is marginal and needs to be understood to choose the right system.

Emerald Sun Energy takes the guessing game out of purchasing a solar panel system.  We build a custom system based on your energy consumption history and then we guarantee the production of the system based on your energy needs.  For example is you used 1200 kWh a month or 14,400 kWh per year.  The guarantee is based on annual production.  If the system performs under 13,000 kWh.  Emerald Sun Energy will then pay you the difference.  We take the needed kWh and multiply it be your current electricity rate which equals your refund.  So if your system underperformed by 1000 kWh time your current electricity rate of $.13 would give you a refund of $130.



The purpose of this guarantee is not to refund money to you but to give you the peace of mind of knowing the system you purchased will accomplish your energy production goals.  The beautiful thing about solar energy is that it is mathematically based and when you calculate your system correctly you will know what to expect.  To understand the math better you can read my blog post When Buying a Solar Power System – Understanding The Math Is Crucial To Getting The Right System.  

A Solar Production Guarantee will protect you from dishonest contractors and ensure that you are purchasing a solar panel system that fits your needs.  Don’t buy a solar panel system without one.