Solar Consulting Service

Independent Solar Consulting Service

The Average Difference Between ROI's Of Received Bids Is Over $10,000

Let Us Help You - We'll Make Sure You Pick The Right One!

Protect Your Interest To Get Maximum Return On Investment

Adding Solar to your home is highly profitable. Having an Independent Solar Consultant who is only looking out for your interest maximizes your Return On Investment.

Minimize Mistakes

Like any activity with humans involved mistakes can happen. Like having an attorney review a contract or an accountant reviewing your taxes a solar consultant will reduce your chances of making a mistake.

Protection From Dishonest Contractors

Having a professional Solar Consultant review your solar bids will protect you from dishonest contractors. A Solar Consultant will be able to spot gimmicks and tricks that an inexperienced solar buyer wouldn’t.

What is Solar Consulting?

Emerald Sun Energy’s Solar Consulting Service provides an independent set of eyes to review your solar contractor's bids. Protect yourself from dishonest contractors and get the best solar panel system that fits your consumptions needs.

Solar Consulting Expertise

Get 3 Quotes reviewed by Anthony Fiorino a solar industry advocate that has been published in Solar Industry Magazine as well as SolarPro Magazine. He is also the author of a Solar Buyers' Guide called “The Secret Guide to Buying Solar”. He is revered for his development of the Solar Industry's best practices For Reputable Contractors.

Solar Consulting Service Includes:

Live Consultations

- Pre-Bid Strategy Consultation
- Post-Bid Review Consulttion
- Phone, Skype, Goto Meeting
- Additional Follow-Up Support

3 Competitive Quotes Reviewed

- ROI Comparison
- Equipment Reliability
- Contractor’s Background Check
- Side By Side Quote Comparison Worksheet

Solar Buyers Resource Center

- Instructional Videos
- Solar Buying Checklist
- "A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Solar"
- Solar Calculator

Exclusive Consulting Offer

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