The solar industry seems extremely focused on educating the residential homeowner on the benefits of switching to Solar Energy. Which by all means is a critically important segment of the solar industry and does need the education and attention. However, this should not be at the expense of the commercial market which in its own rights is an incredibly important segment of the solar industry.


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The Commercial Solar Market in Orlando has an incredible opportunity to secure a return on investment even over a residential home. This is because they have additional incentives that they can implement over the residential market.

There is two main incentive for commercial solar customers.  The first one is the same for commercial customers as well as it is for residential customers and that’s the 30% federal tax credit.  However, with businesses they are almost always able to take advantage of the tax credit where the residential market sometimes needs to utilize it over a multiple year period.  Where businesses are able to utilize it within the first year.

The second main incentive really supercharges the investment portions of this opportunity. For businesses, they are able to depreciate the equipment over a 5 year period which gives them the equivalent of an additional 30% discount. That means the potential net system cost for a commercial solar panel system would be 40%.

With a payback period of fewer than 5 years and attractive financing options available, all commercial solar customers energy expense is less than what they pay the power company. In addition to that, an smart business is always looking for ways to decrease their expenses or increase their profitability. Solar does exactly this because it converts a variable/fixed expenses into a profitable asset.


Solar Power Installation for Commercial businesses

A couple of things to consider for Commercial Solar Customers is that the 30% Federal Tax Credit is due to expire at the end of 2019.  That means for the next couple of years will be the golden age of buying solar panels.  The other thing to consider is understanding what you need to do to get the best solar panel system for your money.  Many solar companies use a laundry list of tricks to sell their products but knowing the difference is critical to getting the return on investment.  To get a better understanding you need to read The Secret Guide To Buying Solar.  This guide will give you all of the information to protect yourself from dishonest contractors.

Emerald Sun Energy is an Orlando Solar Energy Company servicing all of Central Florida.  They Specialize in Residential and Commercial Solar Installations.  They have been featured in Solar Industry Magazine as well as SolarPro Magazine as a best practice solar installer who protects the rights of their customers.