Difference Between Solar Batteries and Generators

Solar Batteries Vs. Generators: Which One's the Better Power Back-Up Option?

Having a backup power source for your house is essential if you live in a place where severe weather or frequent power outages are common. There are different kinds of backup power systems available, but they all do the same thing in the event of a power outage: keep your appliances and lights running.

Solar Batteries Vs. Generators: What's the Difference?

Historically, backup power supplies have been dominated by fuel-powered standby generators; however, tales of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning have prompted many to look for alternatives. A safer and more environmentally responsible alternative to traditional generators is the battery backup that has just entered the market.

However, generators and battery backups are two distinct systems that accomplish the same goal. The following comparison chart will highlight the benefits and drawbacks of each option. Read on to learn about the key distinctions between generators and battery backups so you can make an informed decision.

  • Solar Battery Backups

Battery backup systems for the home can be used to keep the lights running during a blackout. An electrical grid or a solar power system can power a battery backup. This means that they are far more eco-friendly than conventional generators that run on fossil fuels. They are more economical as well.

Furthermore, a battery backup system might help you save money on your energy costs if you have a time-of-use utility plan. Powering your home with a battery backup saves money by avoiding the high electricity charges that are in effect during peak usage times. Your regular electricity usage during non-peak hours can be paid for at a lower cost.

  • Generators

On the other hand, standby generators are permanently installed next to your home's electrical panel and start-up mechanically in the event of a power outage. During a blackout, generators use natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel fuel to keep the power on. Some power generators may operate on either liquid propane or natural gas, a feature known as "dual fuel."

There is no need to manually replenish certain propane and natural gas generators because they can be hooked up to your home's propane tank or gas line. Generators that run on diesel will need to have their fuel levels maintained.

Solar Power: Prepare Yourself During Disasters or Outages!

Energy from the sun is abundant, can be used again, and does not deplete the environment. Many more Americans are making a move to solar as the price per kilowatt-hour of power generated by the sun continues to drop. There are already more than a million solar power systems in operation in the United States. More and more solar companies in Orlando think that solar power is the way of the future, and here are some of the reasons why.

  • Solar Power Works Everywhere!

America has a tremendous amount of solar potential. In fact, the energy needs of the entire United States can be met by the sun in just one hour at midday throughout the summer. The solar resource in most U.S. states is good to exceptional. Cost reductions are possible in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, despite their relatively low solar resources. Their solar resources are comparable to those of nations with widely developed solar PV, such as Germany.

  • Lower Monthly Utility Bills

Significant motivations for installing solar panels are financial benefits and reduced monthly electricity expenses. How much money you save with solar energy will depend on a few factors, such as:

  1. Size of solar power systems
  2. Tariffs for electricity in the area
  3. Electricity use
  4. Whether you decide to buy or rent your system
  5. Hours of daily direct sunlight

Anyone interested in lowering their power bills and making a low-risk, long-term investment can benefit from installing a solar electric system with the help of a Solar Installation Company in Orlando.

  • Increased Home Value

Like a new kitchen or finished basement, solar panels are considered renovations that can raise the value of a home. Research shows that solar panels add around $20,000 to the value of a property, and homeowners are willing to pay a premium to make use of them. Solar homes can sell at a premium over conventional homes, with the exact amount depending on factors such as electricity costs and system size. 

  • Environment-Friendly

Reduced emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gasses, as well as sulfur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter (PM) result from each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of solar energy produced. Solar energy also cuts down on water use and withdrawal.

Solar Batteries: Why Should You Choose Them?

Solar batteries are excellent for providing instantaneous power for short periods of time to keep features that demand lesser loads of energy, such as lighting and freezers, operational for a few hours. It is also feasible to charge an electric vehicle while you sleep.

Battery capacity can be increased by using a time-of-use plan from your Solar Installation Company in Orlando to reduce energy consumption during high-demand times. When the sun goes down, and especially if there is a power outage, you will have more stored energy. Compared to generators, solar batteries are more expensive up front, but their low maintenance and repair costs add significant savings over time.

Solar Batteries Vs. Generators: Making the Right Decision!

In that case, which of these two solutions do you think will work best in your house? Backup generators are a good choice if you don't want to invest in solar panels but still need to ensure that life-sustaining devices like refrigerators and stoves continue to function in the event of an outage.

A solar battery backup system is ideal for your home if you want to keep the lights on during an outage, minimize peak electricity prices from time-of-use rates, or if you already have a solar PV system.


With the help of Emerald Sun Energy, you can learn everything you need about solar energy to make an informed decision about what's best for your home's backup power needs. A solar battery backup is an option you can learn more about by requesting a free solar quote today from the best Solar Installation Company in Orlando.


Top financial benefits of Solar Energy

If you were a solar system fiend, you must have learned in school that the sun is the powerhouse of energy, and without it, the entire earth will enter into the never-ending winter era. But do you know that the energy provided by the sun to earth in one hour can fulfill the global energy needs of the entire planet for one year?

Well, this is not being done yet because we haven't been able to figure out a way to harness even a fraction of the energy produced by the sun, but this doesn't mean we are not progressing in this solar realm. The very popular solar panels are a medium to use the power in the sunlight and then turn it into energy to fulfill your power needs. 

Solar energy is ubiquitous on earth. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the amount of energy you will be using, and the sun will keep shining for 10 billion years; we can stay dependent on such energy for a very, very long time. 

Here, we have outlined some most talked about benefits of solar energy that might help you understand people's paradigm shift from traditional energy production to solar power. 

Solar power is cheaper than the electricity grid.

If you are relying on traditional energy production for a long time and witnessing the electricity bill increasing at a breakneck pace, then be sure that this trend will continue in the future. The rate at which we produce electricity is not on an even keel with the current demand. 

But instead of worrying about the increasing electricity bill, you can switch to solar power and save money. When you use solar power, you don't pay for producing energy as the sunlight is ubiquitous, and no one charges for it. You have to pay a one-time fee in the form of the installation, and that's it. 

People keep on rehashing the traditional electricity production system, and there is no way you can sustain it as soon. For many people, this traditional form of electricity production will become impractical. 

Increase in property value

When installing solar panels, most people think about a renewable energy source and savings. Still, only a handful of people know that residential solar power installation through a solar installation company in Orlando can increase their property value. 

In the real estate realm, anything attached to the house that can save money for the owner or tenant, in the long run, is considered as an addition to the property price, and solar power serves the same purpose. 

A solar power system can last up to 30 years, and you can't imagine the money one can save every month during these 30 years. So the moment a real estate agent notices a solar panel system on a property, the property's price eventually increases. 

So, even if you are not interested in saving money on energy bills that are increasing at a breakneck pace, you can still go for it to increase the property value. 

Energy Independence

Many countries have declared themselves as sufficient energy builders. You will be surprised to know that even the most developed country can deal with an energy shortage, especially in remote or urban areas. This might sound odd, but looking at the rate at which energy consumption increases, we can't ignore this fact. 

But this doesn't mean that you should keep rehashing the traditional energy system, and even cutting down on your energy consumption sounds ludicrous. So, the only option to become energy independent is to switch to the very reliable solar power system installed by solar installation company Orlando.

The earth is inundated with sunlight, and it is almost ubiquitous, so you will never be limited while using this form of energy. Even governments can avoid spending billions of dollars on power grids and promote solar energy in every house. 

Government Incentives

The federal, state and local governments now offer incentives to encourage homeowners to install solar power through solar energy companies in Orlando. So, energy-saving and increased property value aren't the only benefits of solar panel installation. This is a relief for many people who still consider installing solar power as an arduous step. 

People in the U.S can receive these benefits in the form of solar rebates and even performance-based incentives. This can help you reduce the cost you pay for solar installation by 25 to 60 percent, which is a big relief for all those who gripe about the high cost of solar panel installation. 

Tax benefits

You can even get tax benefits just by installing solar panels on your roof through a solar installation company in Orlando. According to the latest rules, installing solar panels makes you eligible to earn a federal tax credit. 

This simply means that you will get a credit for your income taxes that will help in reducing the tax bill. You even qualify for the ITC for the tax year in which you have installed the solar panels as long as the solar panel system keeps on generating electricity for a home in the United States. 


Solar panels are a great relief for all those looking forward to reducing their electricity consumption. You don't have to step foot on an arduous journey to install solar panels on your roof as now, the installation process has been simplified, thanks to the advancement in solar power technology. 

Just make sure that you analyze your house, go through your power needs and then choose the best solar power company like Emerald Sun Energy and see how solar power transforms the way you have been using electricity for so many years. 

Can I Really Get Solar Energy for $0 Down & $0 Out of Pocket

You Can Get Solar Energy For No Money Down and No Money Out of Pocket, but it’s not free.

In this article, we are going to dive into what exactly $0 Down $0 Out of Pocket means in regards to adding solar panels to your home.  If you are shopping for solar panels in Orlando or Florida then you have inevitably have heard the Phrase “Get Solar Energy for $0 Down and $0 Out of Pocket”.  This claim is designed to get you excited about adding an energy efficient product without any money involved. That might be where there begin to be some confusions. Here are some simple explanations to this statement as well as some guidelines to follow to get your best deal on solar panels.

Check out other great videos to help you understand more about solar energy and Solar Companies Youtube – Emerald Sun Energy Channel

What does $0 Down (NO Money Down) mean? First off it is NOT FREE.  You are buying something. However, if you are able to qualify for available financing then there is No Money Down as the entire purchase can be funded because many of the financing options available for solar companies do not require any money down.  Hence the entire solar project will be funded by the financing company.

What does $0 Out oF Pocket (No Money Out of Pocket) mean? This statement may be the one that causes the most confusion because it often leads people to believe that it is free.  Again it is NOT FREE, you are buying something. However, if you qualify for available funding it is true that you will have $0 Out of Pocket. The easiest way to understand this is to look at the example below.  What it points out is purchasing a solar panel system for your home will not affect your budget. Meaning you can use the money you already are paying the power company to instead pay for your solar power system that will improve your home’s value and convert a variable expense (power bill) into a profitable asset (solar panel system).  In most cases, you will actually be cash positive depending on which financing option you choose. So you can purchase your system with the money you already spend because your solar panel financing payment will be less than the amount of money you save on your power bill by switching to solar.

What do I need to do to qualify for this solar program?  Simply call Emerald Sun Energy a local Florida Solar Company located in Orlando and serving all of Central Florida, We will first do a customized energy consumption analysis to determine the size of the solar panels system you need.  We will then draw out a solar panel spec drawing so you can see how the panels will look on your roof. Then you can choose the financing option that best meets your needs and fill out the online instant approval application, we will have a decision within minutes of application.  The basic qualifiers are you will need a 680 credit score or greater to qualify. The financing company will also be looking at your debt to income ratio to determine if you are a good candidate for a solar energy system. Usually, a debt to income below 45% with a household income of $50,000 is able to be approved.

Example of how $0 Down $0 Out of pocket looks like:

With the advanced additions of Solar Energy Financing Florida Homeowners can get solar for No Money Down and No Money Out of Pocket

With the advanced additions of Solar Energy Financing Florida Homeowners can get solar for No Money Down and No Money Out of Pocket

First, we must figure out the amount of money you will be saving on your power bill every month to find out how much money you have available on a monthly basis to pay for the system.  In the above example of an actual solar customer, before they started using solar there power bill was $231 per month and after they switched to solar energy their power bill dropped to $29 per month.  Which is a monthly savings of $202 per month? So that means so long as we have a financing option that requires less than a $202 a month payment then we will be able to provide solar for $0 Out of Pocket because we are just redistributing money you are already spending to convert an expense into an asset.

Next, we will examine the financing options offered by the above Orlando Solar Company.

In the above example, you can see the available financing options for the customer where a 12 Year or 144 payments of $199 which is $3 less then they would pay the power company.  Or a 20 year (240 payment) option would be $162 per month essentially saving customer on average $40 over what they would have paid the power company. That is a yearly positive cash flow of nearly $500 plus they improved the value of their home and reduced their carbon footprint.  WOW!!

Please keep in mind in the above example we are using Net Sales Price which is the price of the Solar Panel System after you received your 30% Federal Tax Credit.  If you somehow do not qualify for the tax credit you will still be able to get the system for no money out of pocket but it would be only on the 20-year option that would accomplish this.  Either way, you are purchasing an asset using someone else’s money to pay for it. This is one of the biggest ways wealthy people keep and grow their wealth. You can see more about that is this video “Solar Energy is a Better Investment Than The Stock Market”

As you can see from the explanation and example provided $0 Down $0 Out of Pocket isn’t free but it is a tremendous opportunity for homeowners to be able to add Solar Energy to there home without affecting their monthly budget.  Please keep in mind that the 30% Federal Tax Credit expires at the end of 2019 so your window for taking advantage of such a great opportunity is closing. There will be a couple of years of reduced tax credits but you will have missed out on the biggest one, while you can do it without affecting your budget.

Questions you should ask your solar company – part 5

Questions you should ask your solar contractor – part 4

29. What happens during the solar power installation process?

The Solar power installation process consists of engineered drawing that is submitted for permit approval.  After permit approval and installation, a date is scheduled. Most installations for homes will take 1-2 days. After installation, it will be submitted for a final inspection.  After the inspection is completed your local power company is notified with an interconnection agreement which they will come out and swap out your meter for a bidirectional meter that will be able to monitor the power your solar power system will produce for the power company.  The total installation process takes 4-8 weeks depending on permitting, interconnection agreement and weather.

30. Should I ask for a solar monitoring system for my solar panels?

Yes.  Most solar contractors will not include the monitoring.  You would be advised to ask for it. You can always get your energy output readings from the inverter if it is a string inverter system.   However, you will have to go to the inverter and familiarize yourself with its report settings in order to get your solar energy production readings. It is a microinverter system you will need monitoring or you will just have to rely on the power companies tracking numbers.  If you have a string inverter system by SolarEdge w/ power optimizers you need to have the cellular chip upgrade to your system. Then you will be able to track the energy production from your solar panel system through an app you can download onto your phone. You will be able to see the day to day energy production, weekly, monthly and yearly solar energy output.

31. Do I need to install solar batteries with my solar power system?

In Orlando Florida, you are able to tie the system into the power companies grid nullifying the need for the solar batteries.  You might want to consider a Tesla Powerwall as a backup generator system. Keep in mind when you use a Tesla Powerwall it will not back up your entire system but rather provide power to critical energy sources during a power outage.  Mainly your main loads are what you are backing up. Refrigerator and stove with an outlet for a light and fan. If you wanted to back up for the entire house you would probably need 3 Tesla Powerwalls. I typically do not recommend battery backups where grid access is available.  There are a few reasons for this. First, off I feel a traditional generator is a better power outage backup then solar batteries, because when the power goes out it is usually accompanied by bad weather that will reduce the systems overall production and leave you with intermittent power outages.  Secondly, Solar battery solutions only last 7-10 years, meaning you will have to replace the batteries 3 times during the life of your solar panel systems life, more than doubling the cost of the system. Finally, solar batteries put off a strong magnetic field that I do not like putting near the home.  If you had a shed that was 100 feet from the home then I might put the batteries there. There are some great whole home generators that you can install for the same price that will actually give you enough power to power your entire home for a week.

32. Can the local Homeowners Association (HOA) stop me from installing a solar power system on my building?

It is illegal for an HOA to prevent you from installing solar panels on your home.  Some will have requirements such as they need to face the back of the house but even those are speculative.  Meaning if the performance of the system mandates that the solar panels need to face the front of the house for peak performance then they can not stop you from placing them there.  I do recommend checking with the HOA for any guidelines they request and whenever possible adhere to those requests. In cases when you cannot adhere to their guidelines then your solar company can send them a letter explaining why we must break there suggested guidelines.

34. How will Solar Panels be mounted?

Solar panels will be mounted to a racking system and it is that racking system that will be mounted to the roof.  More specifically to your homes truss system when available. That means no solar panels will be mounted directly to your roof.  This method reduces and potential leaking factors that may arise if the panels were installed directly to the roof.  Ironridge solar mounts are the most durable mounts on the market and graded to withstand 140 mph winds.

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Questions You Should Ask Your Solar Contractor – Part 4

The 7 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Solar Company – part 1

Solar Energy In Orlando, Florida is on the rise and the 7 most Important Questions You Should Ask Your Orlando Solar Company

1. What are the financial benefits of solar energy?

The biggest financial benefit for solar energy in Orlando, Florida is it will continually lower your kWh rate over time. As your power company raises its rates, by 4% a year on average, you will be insulated from these rate increases. Over the life of the system, your savings can exceed $50,000 over the money you will already spend. The best part about the money you make on solar is that it is in savings of post-tax dollars which means the money you make is not taxable and makes your gross rate profit the same as your net rate profit. For example, if you were to earn this same money in the stock market then those earnings would be taxable under capital gains.

2. What are the environmental benefits of solar energy?

Solar Energy will reduce your carbon footprint. Solar Energy doesn’t need to be drilled, Doesn’t need to be processed at a facility, doesn’t need to be transported and most importantly doesn’t need to be burned. According to a recent article from CNN, they state that solar may be the one variable that can rescue us from global warming. See link in video description below

3. How do I find out how much Strength training for a future military overtraining all about weight rack. I pay for electricity?

You can look at your power bill to determine your active kWh rate, but make sure you factor in many power company charge either increased rates over a designated monthly kWh usage or a premium rate for energy used during peak hours. The average kWh rate including taxes ranges from $.12 to $.16 per kWh in Orlando, Florida.

4. What is net metering?

Net Metering is the agreement in place with power companies that allow you to produce your own energy and sell your excess energy to the power company for energy credits to be used at a later time or date. During the day your solar power system will produce all of the energy you will need for the entire day and then at night, you will use your accumulated credits from the energy you produced during the day. The best part of net metering is that you are able to sell your power to the power company at the retail rate for the energy that you use.

5. How does solar impact my property values?

This is what makes solar energy the best investment in the market. According to Forbes Magazine, you recoup 97% of your investment the day you install the panels on your roof. This is what allows you to convert a variable expense into a profitable asset. Essentially you are converting your power bill into an asset that increases your property value as well as insulating yourself from future power rate hikes.

6. How do solar photovoltaic (PV) solar panels work?

Solar panels generate electricity through the photovoltaic process. This is where the silicon solar panels separate the electrons from the protons. The electrons are then funneled down into the inverter that will convert the dc electricity into ac electricity which is what your home and the grid work off of.

7. Do my solar panels produce power when the sun isn’t shining?

It will generate some electricity but it will be less than when it is clear weather and sunny. Here in Orlando, there is a lot of Sun but there is also a lot of clouds, hence getting a solar power system with SolarEdge power optimizers maximizes your solar panel system energy production. For More Questions you should ask your solar company visit our ongoing series:

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For a comprehensive solar buyers guide visit “The Secret Guide to Buying Solar”

Trump Pulls out of Paris Accord – What Does That Mean For The Solar Industry?

What does President Trump Pulling out of the Paris Accord mean for the solar industry?

The immediate reaction Solar Power Company Orlandois to panic into a state of hysteria. As President Trump's resistance to clean energy is truly baffling. For someone who is so concerned about jobs the fact that he is not considering how robust of a job market renewable energy has been in recent years is remarkably short sited. It is the largest segment of new jobs being created in the energy sector. According to Fortune.com renewable energy is creating jobs 12 times faster than the rest of the economy.
  In his speech, President Trump referred to his reasoning for making this monumental decision was looking at future projected reductions in energy productions from environmentally hazardous sectors like coal which he stated would be reduced 83% by 2040.  He further went on to say that there are new coal plants opening in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The future ramifications of this decision can put America irreversibly behind the industrialized world when it comes to modernization and an eco-friendly environment.  The impact could potentially be catastrophic as I believed we were on the verge of being the world's clean energy leader.  As a world leader, we would be able to dictate and develop an industry that would create way more jobs than trying to hang onto archaic jobs that harm the workers' health and damages our environment.  The long-term economic ramifications may be felt for generations.
Being an industry leader in Clean Energy would position the United States in the enviable position of leading the way in new technology development and research into renewable energy.  It is the difference between playing checkers and playing chess.  President Trump is playing checkers.  He thinks by jumping the red piece on the board is securing America’s future.  What he doesn’t realize is he is playing chess and he just exposed his queen.
Concept of climate change.
  It is almost like he would have to have a secret agenda to pump up our reliance on coal and oil for this decision to make sense to me.  Then again it does fit into the billionaire club that he has as a cabinet and the 50 billion dollar tax break he is giving to his billionaire friends.  Can this just be another box checked to the elite oligarchy? To be fair President Trump did say he wants to re-enter the Paris Accord with an agreement that will put America on an even playing field with the rest of the world.  This does sound fair in the sense that China and India do not have the coal restrictions that we have and would be able to produce coal at an even cheaper rate than the US can.  Further driving down energy costs for their countries but making the United States more vulnerable to energy embargoes and supply issues. For all of the baggage, issues and unqualified experience to perform as President I did feel that President Trump’s only positive characteristic was his business prowess to determine when a deal has room to be reworked in our favor.  Hopefully, that is the case here.
Clean energy concept illustration
However, the fact that he takes this stance after repeatedly denying that global warming is an issue that man is contributing to, calling it a scam to hurt American businesses is just misguided and dangerous.  That's like saying it is a hoax that water boils at 212 degrees.  The science is overwhelming and verified by independent scientist that are not being compensated by either side of the isle.  We have a responsibility to survive today and preserve a fruitful environment for our future generations.
  How does this impact the solar industry in the United States?  That is up to us.  According to the NY Times, 57% of Floridians do believe we are causing Global Warming which is below the National average of 69% of Adults believe we are contributing to Global Warming and need to restrict our carbon emissions. The fact that in most states energy costs are on the rise and the price of solar has dropped by 60% since 2010 leads me to believe we are on the cusp of a Solar Revolution that will move us closer to energy independence and a cleaner environment. When we couple that with advancements in solar panel efficiencies and financial lending options most Americans today can go solar at a lower cost than to continue to purchase energy from their local power companies. That makes now the best time ever to Install Solar Panels while the Federal Tax Credit is still available until the end of 2019.  Home & business owners will still receive a 30% Tax credit for the purchase of a solar panel system.
We have to be diligent in our efforts and homeowners need to be properly informed of all of the benefits that they will receive by converting to Orlando Solar Power and how to purchase the most profitable solar panel system that they can.  In Florida, there are many avenues of miss information being passed out by opportunistic Solar contractors.  To protect yourself in buying process you need to read “The Secret Guide to Buying Solar”.  Discover everything you need to know and how to purchase a solar panel system with a solar production guarantee.  That will protect your system and guarantee its profitability.
  President Trump may deny climate change but Americans overwhelmingly support clean energy efforts.  The Bottom line is Solar Energy is more cost effective for homeowners than to continue to pay the power companies escalating energy costs. In conclusion, I believe this will have little impact on the Solar Industry and the long term outcome is up to us to take action and convert to solar energy.

When Buying a Solar Power System – Understanding The Math Is Crucial To Getting The Right System

Solar Math For Sizing The Right Solar Panel System

I think you will agree that understanding the math required to size a solar panel system for your home can be tricky.

It doesn't have to be if you follow the equations laid out in this article.

Discover the exact size of the Solar Panel System you need to power your home.

Understanding the size of the solar panel system you need is crucial to getting the right system installed for your home or business.  Knowing the math will do two things.  First, it will help you to understand how much energy you need to produce to counter the amount of energy you consume.  Secondly, it will arm you with information for when you are meeting with a solar consultant so you can test if they are being honest with you and recommending the right sized system.  For more information on checking out your solar consultant, I recommend reading my "Dummies Guide For Buying Solar" you will discover how to spot solar sales tricks and how to protect your family from them.

One of the best parts of solar energy is that it is math based.  That is a benefit you can figure out how much energy you need to produce down to the kilowatt hours (kWh), based on what you're using during the course of the year.  With this information, you have won 1/2 the battle.  You can then check your math with PVWatts.  PV Watts is a government sponsored site that utilizes calculations from NASA in regards to the amount of sunlight your area receives per day.  Which is an important variable in sizing your Solar Energy System?  In Central Florida, the average sunlight per day ranges from 5.34 to 5.60 depending on if you are located on the west coast in Tampa or inland in Orlando or in the east coast of Melbourne Florida.

Using the calculations included here will allow you to size the solar panel system you need for you home or business.  It will even help you to get and estimated the cost of your system.  Follow the steps and the math equations will take care of the rest.

Calculating Amount of Watts a Solar Panel System will produce

  1. Size of System being recommended – 6kw
  2. Times by the amount of sun per day – 5.6 (florida hrs)
  3. Times by 80% efficiency – 20% is lost by inverters and wiring
  4. times 365 days a year gives you annual production
  5. Divide by 12 for monthly number

Example :  6kw x 5.6hrs = 33.6 x .8(80%)= 26.88 x 365 = 9811.2 wpy / 12 = 817.6 wpm

Calculating System electricity savings

  1. Take watts per year
  2. Times it by electricity rate .12
  3. Divide by 12 to get monthly savings


Example 9811.2 wpy x $.12 = $1177.34 / 12 = $98.11 savings per month

Calculating System Cost

  1. Take the KW in System
  2. Times it by 1000 to get watts
  3. Times it by rate $3.5 per watt


Example 10KW x 1000= 100000 x $3.50 = $35, 000

Calculating The amount of Watts needed

  1. Get electric bill and add up the 12 monthly average daily usage rates
  2.  Times by 30
  3. Divide by 12 for monthly watts


Example 49+50+50+40+27+32+31+35+34+34+42+49+63=536×30=16,080watts

16080/12=1340 watts per month


Calculate Annual Electricity costs

  1. Take total annual watts
  2.  Times it by average electricity cost per watt $.12 FL
  3. For monthly average divide by 12


Example: 16080 x $.12= $1929 / 12 = $161 per month


Calculate How many Panels you need

  1. Take the total amount of KW system
  2. Times by 1000 kilowatts to watts
  3. Divide by efficiency of panels (Canadian Solar is 250)


Example 7.5 KW (system) x 1000 = 7500/250 = 30 panels

Calculate size of PV system needed

  1. Take your annual wpy and divide by 365
  2.  Take your watts per day and divide by amount of daily sun exposure 5 – 5.5
  3.  Take the daily KW needed and divide by a .72 efficiency factor


Example  16080 / 365 = 44.05 kwd /5 =  8.8 kw / .72 = 12.23 kws


Efficiency Factor of 72%

The 0.72 efficiency factor is based on the following assumptions: average solar access of 95% (shading derate factor); modules with a positive-only production tolerance; inverter efficiency of 96%; module temperature derate factor of 0.88; DC and AC wiring derate of 0.98 and 0.99; module soiling derate = 0.95; module mismatch derate = 0.98; system availability derate = 0.99:

0.95 × 0.96 × 0.88 × 0.98 × 0.99 × 0.95 × 0.98 × 0.99 = 0.72

Armed with this information you can find out the best way to size any solar installation project.  No matter if you are installing a solar panel system in Orlando Fl or anywhere else in the country.  just check for the usable sunlight hours.  You can always call Emerald Sun Energy Florida's Premier Solar Power Company to assist you in your equation calculations and have a Free In-home Solar Consultation.  Fully understanding this will protect you from dishonest contractors.  To find every dishonest contractor tip you can read our buyers guide "The Secret Guide to Buying Solar".

Reduce Your Power Bill by 20 percent in 1 Month

Electric bills are often the most expensive bill of the month.  During the summer months, they can be downright frightening.  Looking at alternative power sources like solar energy is a great long term solution that all Orlando Florida homeowners should implement.  However, for immediate relief here are some great free energy saving tips you can take advantage of.  If you employ all six of these energy saving tips you will be able to lower your power bill by 20% in as little as one month.  Making your home more energy efficient will lower power bills, reduce the strain on appliances and reduce your energy consumption,  This is a great first step towards using solar energy to power your home.  By reducing your overall consumption you will be able to install a smaller solar panel system and increase your overall savings.

Refrigerator Settings

Your refrigerator’s Settings should be between 38-40.  Higher temperatures may lead to bacteria growth and lower temperatures is just wasting energy.  Your freezer temperature should be 5 degrees to keep your food properly frozen.  Don’t set your refrigerator to low.  It is your homes most energy used appearance and can represent up to 10% of your electric bill.

Hot Water Heater

Hot water heaters represent 12- 15% of your electric bill.  So here are a couple of tips to reduce this cost.  First set your hot water to 120 degrees this is the temperature the department of energy suggests to get hot water and keep your costs as minimal as possible.  You may also benefit from a hot water heater sleeve.  Your hot water tank turns on every 2 hours to reheat the water by utilizing a hot water sleeve you can reduce that to every 6-8 hours and reap the rewards in energy savings.

Outlet Covers

In almost all homes, small amounts of outside air constantly leak in through your electrical outlets.  Since you probably have dozens of these this leakage can add up.  Simply upgrading to insulated outlet covers will solve this problem

Weather Stripping & Window Caulking

Another easy and simple way to reduce air leakage into your house is to make sure your weather stripping and window caulking are updated.

Smart Thermostat

Upgrade to a smart thermostat can save you up to 10% on your A/C & Heating consumption.  Auto schedule remembers the temperatures you set and programs a personalized schedule for your home.  So it allow homeowners to have a properly programmed thermostat without actually having to program it

LED Lighting

The US Department of energy says that LED’s are a highly efficient lighting technology that uses 85% less energy, and lasts 25 times longer than incandescent.  It is also using 60% less energy than fluorescent lighting and last 5-10 times longer and the filaments in the fluorescent bulbs are toxic when they break and they do.

In conclusion, these six energy saving tips can save you 20% off of your power bill in as little as 1 month.  After you have made your home more energy efficient and reduced your overall energy consumption you might also like to look at alternative energy sources like solar power to reduce your power bill to pennies.

Solar Energy Revolution Is Now

Solar Energy Revolution

Solar Panels Orlando

Solar Panel Installation Revolution

Solar Power is a safe and abundant energy source in Orlando Florida that can reduce pollution and solve our energy crisis for the future.  There are so many positive reasons for the expansion of solar energy that many people find it hard to believe.  Because if that was the case we would be using it already.  Unfortunately, because of special interest groups and oil monopolies, the expansion of solar has been repressed.  However, in recent years the expansion of solar has begun due to a variety of reasons that we will explore here. First off our Government back in 2006 realized the need for us to become more environmentally responsible and decided to pass an incredible financial incentive to add solar to homes and businesses.  That was the introduction of the 30% federal tax credit.  What this means, so long as you have enough taxable income you will receive a tax credit for 30% of the cost of your solar panel system.  If your home solar panel installation cost $30,000, you would receive $9,000 back from the Government.  Effectively lowering the net price of your solar energy cost to $21,000.  This credit is available through 2019 so now is the time to take advantage of this while you can. Next, the cost of solar panels for your home have dropped by 70% since 2008.  This is due to the laws of supply and demand.  After the tax credit came into existence the demand for solar began to increase which started to drive down the manufacturing cost of solar panels.  As the demand continued to rise more contractors entered the solar industry and created even more competition which drove the price down even more.  The prices have now plateaued and according to consumer reports in June of 2016 “now is the best time ever to buy solar”. With Federal Tax Credit still available and prices at their lowest point has now created an atmosphere for a solar energy revolution.  If you wait much longer you will lose 30% discount.  Most experts agree that prices are at their lowest and will slowly creep up from here.  So for all of the people who were waiting for cheaper pricing the time has arrived. The biggest reason for the dawn of the solar energy revolution in Orlando Florida is you can now purchase a system using the money you pay the power company and actually save money from day one.  Because of no money down financing options and 20 year terms as low as 5% you can add solar to your home today and lower you energy expense immediately.  For example, if you are paying $200 per month to the power company, you can now have a situation where you are paying $160 to finance your solar power system and $30 to the power company.  Effectively saving $10 per month in year one.  Please keep in mind this is an example and results can vary but not by much. I typically recommend a shorter payoff period which will give you a better long-term return on investment but it is clear that the above example creates an atmosphere for people to take advantage of owning their own power instead of renting it. In conclusion, it will be exciting to see over the next few years how the solar energy revolution explodes and people start to take control of their energy needs for themselves.  Now that solar has passed the 1,000,000 home mark the expansion should be exponential and the benefits shared by all