Things You Need To Know About Solar Power Consultant

Solar Power Consultant—Here's What You Need To Know About Solar Power Consultant!

Since more and more people are interested in making a career change in the solar industry, its use has skyrocketed. Now that so many individuals are trained in the field, those tasked with integrating alternative energy resources into homes and businesses tend to do so with enthusiasm and a strong propensity to do things well. Solar power consultants are available in every country - That's fantastic news for those in the solar sector, who have worked hard to meet the demands of businesses and homeowners alike with their solar power systems but have been struggling to find work.

Solar Energy: A Better Alternative!

When it comes to power for human activities, solar power in Orlando is among the most plentiful options. It is a sustainable energy source that can supply enough juice for your house. Its rising popularity can be attributed to the numerous advantages it offers to both people and the planet.

Solar energy is a fantastic option for homeowners interested in positively impacting the environment. This renewable energy source is a low-risk option for producing electricity that can potentially lessen environmental damage. As a result, switching to solar energy is a great approach to combat climate change and reduce the environmental impact of your household. 

It's not just the money that can be saved by moving to renewable energy sources like solar electricity, though; there are other important considerations to take into account as well.

  • In 5 Easy Steps, You Can Convert To Solar Power!
  • Begin Your Search For A Qualified Solar Installer

A solar power system installation is an electrical and home renovation project. Therefore, verifying a contractor's credentials is important before hiring them. 

Similarly, it's crucial to hire a solar power consultant in Orlando that you have faith will be in business for the foreseeable future. Even though there is minimal upkeep, you should have access to your contractor during the guarantee period in case anything breaks.

  • Select The Design Layout Options

There is variation in solar panels. As a first step, you'll need to decide whether you want photovoltaic solar panels (also known as solar electric panels) or solar thermal solar panels. Photovoltaics, which utilize solar cells to convert sunlight into power directly, are significantly more prevalent. In contrast, solar thermal panels focus sunlight through mirrors to heat water. However, the sun's presence is required for solar thermal energy to operate at peak efficiency. Solar photovoltaic panels have greater adaptability and durability. 

Considerations like performance, durability, and warranty should be given equal weight to the sort of solar panel you select. Panels will be different; some may work better for you than others. Before making a final choice, it's important to gather as much relevant information as possible by consulting a variety of sources, including the experiences of other users.

  • Examine And Select A Financing Option

The longer you use solar panels to power your home, the less you will spend on your electricity bill over time. There are, however, fees to think about. 

The initial investment in the panels themselves might be substantial. It's important to consider whether you can afford to pay for this expenditure in cash or whether you'll need to take out a loan. Interest rate and its compounding over time must be taken into consideration. Solar panel rentals are another option. 

You should factor in the expense of hiring a  Solar Power Company Orlando for the installation procedure itself, as well as the cost of making any necessary adjustments to your home's exterior to make room for the solar panels. Obtaining a permit may include a one-time charge. Finally, consider any upkeep the panels might need during their good years.

  • Coordinate With The Local Authority

Regarding residential property, solar panel installation regulations vary widely from one jurisdiction to the next. It's crucial to check local zoning regulations and ordinances and adhere to them before moving forward with any installation. The Solar Energy Industries Association provides excellent tools to help you deal with bureaucracy. 

Remember that it might take some time to submit your application for the relevant permits and then for you to acquire approval. Solar panel installation isn't something you should do on the spur of the moment, so have some patience.

  • Perform The Installation And Activate The System

Your solar energy system installation should be able to guide you through acquiring the relevant permits and completing the required procedures. 

Your installation will determine the right size for your system. The following factors will be taken into account in addition to your estimated power use when determining the appropriate size: 

  • Sunlight availability or solar resource 
  • The slant and roll of the system 
  • Effectiveness of the system in turning solar energy into usable power 

Alternative power generation methods include those using a utility, a wind turbine, or fossil fuels. To get the most out of the sun throughout the year, your installer will ensure everything is level, orientated properly, and slanted at the optimal angle. 

Make sure you know the ins and outs of billing, net metering, and any additional utility costs that may be incurred.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Solar Power Consultant?

  • Helps Minimize The Energy Consumption

A consultant will assess all avenues for reducing consumption, whether they include the introduction of cutting-edge technology or the modification or elimination of inefficient practices. 

  • Increased Efficiency Using Energy Resources

More energy efficiency is often achieved by using contemporary technologies or using renewable energy sources. Therefore, the consultant will recommend the optimal course of action for the business. 

  • Aids In Evaluation Of The System

The first step for a solar consultant in promoting greener policies and systems is to assess the present level of system use. Everything from tools to schedules is under the consultant's watchful eye. 

  • Offers And Provides Multiple Options 

​​In most cases, the energy consultant's role is to present various solutions. All the benefits and drawbacks of any proposed solution should be included. 

  • Implements Usage Of Map

Many businesses rely on intricate networks of connected buildings, offices, transportation hubs, and storage facilities to function. These companies rarely publicly report their overall energy use and lack a complete picture of their energy consumption patterns. The solar energy consultant's role will be to assist businesses in tracking their energy use.

Are you planning to install a solar energy system? Get in touch with a Solar Power Company, Orlando, for advice and guidance when the time comes. If problems do develop, they will already be aware of them and be able to guide you through them. Preparing for and installing solar panels may appear overwhelming at first. However, if you engage with a reliable solar energy provider, you'll find the transition to sustainable energy smooth.

Grid-Tied Vs. Hybrid Vs. Off-Grid Solar

Grid-Tied Vs. Hybrid Vs. Off-Grid Solar: Which One Is Best For You?

With the rise in the demand for solar power panels, it has become of utmost necessity that homeowners realize the different kinds of panels based on which they can capitalize on the benefits. But first, let’s shed some light on what a solar power panel is. A solar panel is a photovoltaic sheet installed on the roof of a house or a place where it receives enough sunlight to convert it into solar energy.

Generators are attached to these solar panels that convert the produced solar power into consumable power wattage. The electric current obtained from the generator then becomes the power source for a household, so most American homes have solar panels.

Given their huge demand and the economic benefits, solar panels have become a customarily found aspect in residential places and extensive industries. Shifting to solar energy is a much-needed step to convey to everyone that they must embrace renewable energy sources. Not only does it help you economically, but it also reduces the carbon footprints of our society, thus reshaping our environment for a better future.

What Is Grid-Tied Solar?

As the name suggests, such a solar panel comes attached with a power grid that has a multi-purpose role, such as: 

  • Aiding the solar panel to generate a usable alternating current that powers your property.
  • Omit the excess generated energy for net metering or save it for later usage. 

People often wonder why a solar panel is getting run by its own generated power. It is because grid-tied solar panels are attached to an inverter that firstly provides all the required energy, and subsequently, the excess power is stored in the attached grid. That makes it a solar bank for future usage, especially when your solar panels are not producing energy. Grid-tied solar panels are effective for both day and night, where your house gets the required energy from the grid again. 

Benefits of Grid-Tied Solar

After discussing the basic functionality of a grid-tied solar panel, let’s deep dive into some of the major benefits that homeowners enjoy with grid-tied solars - 

  • Cost-saving - If you were to visit a solar consultant, they would recommend you to buy a grid-tied solar panel because it is economical and efficient at the same time. The panel requires no additional batteries and offers net metering with a workaround to power your property, even when there is no sun. 
  • Virtual battery pack - As we know that the grid stores the excess produced solar energy, it becomes a battery pack in an event when the solar panel isn’t able to produce power. You can still get power via the grid, and nothing goes in vain.

What Is Hybrid Solar?

Next up is the second kind of solar panel, a combination of off-grid and on-grid solar panels that use heavy batteries and power inverters to store electricity for future usage. These batteries function similarly to a UPS system in a power blackout. With a hybrid solar, photovoltaic energy and thermal solar energy are put to use simultaneously, thus making it an effective choice to capitalize on the benefits offered individually by photovoltaic and thermal solar panels.

It is not economical and impossible for a solar panel to function throughout the day. Therefore, you must have enough battery backup, especially at night, to power your premises. In addition, this hybrid model also offers you to remain connected to the power grid, so you never run out of power. Moreover, homeowners relying on hybrid solar panels can sell away the additional electricity produced to their respective electricity board committees. 

Benefits of Hybrid Solar 

  • The first and foremost benefit that a hybrid solar panel gives is the ability not to lose power at any point in time. Hybrid solars provide constant power backup to homeowners, even when the panels are not converting direct sunlight into electricity. 
  • Since these panels do not involve additional fuels, it maneuvers as an economical solution to solar panels. 
  • Again, as hybrid solar panels have power batteries with them, they proficiently utilize solar radiation and constantly work to produce and store solar energy. It allows you to utilize solar energy even when the weather is overcast. 

What is Off-grid Solar?

Unlike the grid-tied solars, off-grid solar panels function independently of the electricity grid and help the homeowners avoid issues like constant power outages and high installation costs. And ever since people have understood the significance of keeping the environment clean, off-grid solar panels have been in demand. Let’s explore a few primary benefits that these solar panels offer - 

  • Avoiding power interruptions is the key benefit while using an off-grid solar. Even though the outage could last for a minute or two, it becomes incredibly frustrating when it happens. Thus, to avoid it, off-grid solar panels can be effectively used and escape the trap of waiting for power backup to come. 
  • The installation procedure of an off-grid solar panel is quite simple and convenient, especially when setting up the grid if not involved. 

Which one is better?

Solar power consumption varies for each household, and therefore what kind of solar panel is required must be considered wisely. Based on your house’s monthly energy consumption and weather conditions in your region, with the help of a professional, you must choose a perfect solar solution for your home!


Emerald Sun Energy offers extremely efficient and reliable solar solutions at affordable prices. Our solar experts have helped many homeowners across Orlando find an appropriate solar panel for their premises. With a seamless installation process and a low-cost system, we strive to walk together on the path of utilizing renewable energy. To know more details or book an on-site inspection, schedule a callback from our team. Talk to the experts at Emerald Sun Energy today!


Residential Solar Power Installation Guidelines

A considerable amount of people are entirely dependent upon the traditional method of producing energy. Knowing that the current form of energy production isn't going to last long and is not good for the environment, the world needs a better solution.

Our need for energy is increasing at a breakneck pace, and therefore, we have to shift to a more renewable source of energy. What can be better than solar power!

Because more and more people realize the need for a renewable energy source without increasing their energy bills, the number of solar panel installations has increased by many folds. Currently, there are millions of homes in the U.S where solar panels are powering that, which is expected to increase in the future. 

But before shifting to a solar power system, you need to consider some factors, and therefore, we have outlined the same that you must consider before solar power installation. 

Make sure your home is a good candidate for a solar power system.

Not all homes are good candidates for the solar power system, and the only part of the house that decides this is the roof. It is obvious that solar panels produce energy from the sunlight, and therefore, they need to be installed on the roof. But is your roof perfect for solar power?

Adequate sunlight is the key when it comes to roofs being eligible for solar energy Orlando. If buildings or trees heavily shade your roof, then there is no way the solar panels will get enough sunlight to produce energy. 

But even if your roof is inundated with sunlight without any shading, the inadequate space on your roof can make solar panel installation difficult. Roofs with a slope between 15 to 40 degrees and south-facing are considered ideal for solar panel installation. 

What kind of climate do you have?

The solar panels need sunlight to function properly, but this doesn't mean you need to live in sunny California or Arizona to become eligible for solar panel installation. Although, you have to consider the climate before you start using solar energy in Orlando

On sunny days during spring or summer, the solar panels will produce more energy, but this doesn't mean that the solar panels will go on shut down mode during winter's shortest days or a rainstorm. Even during this period, solar panels can produce some electricity.

What is the age of your home?

The age of your home or the age of your roof also plays a vital role in whether your current structure is eligible for solar panel installation or not. It is always a better idea to look at the age and condition of your roof before installing solar panels rather than be cribbing about the function of solar panels after installation. 

A roof needs to be less than ten years old for solar panel installation. And if your roof is made from long-lasting material like slate or tile, they must have ten years of their life left. But this doesn't mean you can install solar panels on a roof that is completely worn out. The roof's condition can make or break your dream of using solar power. 

Suppose you are not sure whether your roof is eligible for solar power installation. In that case, you should go for the option of working with a solar energy consultant in Orlando as they can analyze your roof and other factors to make sure you make the most of solar panel installation. 

How much power do you use monthly?

Another thing that you must consider before solar power installation is your monthly energy needs. If your monthly power needs are way too high than the standard rate, then you shouldn't be entirely dependent upon solar energy to fulfill your power requirements. 

You must understand that if the solar panels are exposed to direct sunlight for an hour, then they can produce around 300 watts of electricity, and when the solar panels are exposed to direct sunlight for 10 hours, then it will produce around 3k.

You should never expect solar panels to fulfill your entire power requirement, especially if you have high power usage every month. Still, you can at least make some parts of your house sustain renewable sources of energy. 

This way, you can bring down the monthly energy bill as you don't have to pay for the sunlight, and solar power is a one-time installation process that you have to pay only at the time of installation. 


With new gadgets and appliances entering the market at a breakneck pace, there is no surprise why the energy bills of every house are increasing. Cutting down on your energy needs might sound ludicrous to many people. So, the best solution is to shift to a sustainable energy source in the form of solar power. All you have to do is get in touch with a reliable solar energy consultant in Orlando, like Emerald Sun energy, and embrace the long list of benefits offered by the solar power system. 

By switching to a solar power system, you thrive on zero energy production cost, easy installation, no negative impact on the environment, and even economic savings. So, get in touch with us for the best solar power energy services and witness the change without any second thoughts.

solar energy

Why Should I Switch To Solar Energy?

It is estimated that at least one in seven homes in the United States will have solar panels by the year 2030. With the costs of panels decreasing and more people trying to be green, they are becoming steadily more popular. But what are the main advantages of using solar energy? And why should you consider using Emerald Sun Energy for your solar panel installation?

Keep reading to find out!

Help Out the Environment

Of the many benefits of solar energy, surely one of the most persuasive is the effect on the environment. Installing solar panels in your home is one of the best ways an individual can be environmentally friendly.

Swapping to renewable energy reduces your carbon footprint. Unlike coal, oil, and gas, the sun is renewable - its power isn't going away any time soon! What's more, there are no polluting steps in the energy production process. This means you're helping communities and ecosystems around the world.

Choosing solar power is a great way to sustain the earth's resources and ensure a safe planet for future generations.

Save on Electricity Bills

One of the biggest benefits of going solar is the reduction in electricity bills. With a big enough solar system installed, your electricity bills could effectively be reduced to zero. Most homeowners make savings worth the costs of their solar panel installation within eight years, at which point your energy is free!

Depending on where you live and how much energy you use, 20 to 30 solar panels are enough to completely replace your monthly electricity bill. For people living in sunny areas of the country like Florida, switching to solar power is a no-brainer.

While one of the cons of solar energy is the upfront cost of the panels, this is easily mitigated by incentive schemes and the value added to your home, as we'll cover in this article.

Incentive Schemes Available

When looking for solar energy companies, make sure you choose one which offers a financial incentive scheme. This is yet another great reason to choose solar power.

We offer multiple financing options at Emerald Sun Energy, as despite the long-term savings, we understand that the initial costs can be challenging for some households. One such incentive is $0 down financing with no sales tax.

For more details on how to get the best deal on your solar financing, click here. You can also reach out to our team who will be happy to help answer your questions.

Solar Panels Are Easily Maintained

If you're looking for an additional reason to go for solar energy, it's helpful to know that the panels are easily maintained. After the initial purchase, there are very few costs involved with solar panel upkeep.

Solar panels can benefit from an annual service and occasional cleaning but are typically very reliable. Make sure that a solar production guarantee is included when purchasing your panels. At Emerald Sun Energy, we guarantee that your solar panel system will produce a minimum of kWh (kilowatt-hours) per year. If it doesn't, we'll refund you the difference!

This guarantee allows for peace of mind about the efficiency of your solar power system.

Sell Power Back to the Grid

Next, switching to solar energy gives homeowners the opportunity to see their excess power back to the grid. Solar systems are connected to the mains electricity. This means that when more solar energy is generated than necessary, it can be sold at premium rates back to the energy supplier.

Often, this provides a valuable income that can be set off against energy bills. It is yet another way that solar panels enable people to make long-term savings. Different energy suppliers offer different sell-back schemes, so make sure you shop around when looking for the best deal alongside your solar panels.

If you have any further questions about this potentially lucrative source of income, our team is more than happy to answer your questions!

Gain Electrical Independence

Another reason to choose solar energy is to avoid the fluctuating prices of traditional electricity costs. Solar energy is a very stable market, especially in comparison to gas, oil, and coal.

The cost of these fossil fuels has been rising steadily for years. The growing difficulties in sourcing these finite materials means that costs will likely continue to increase.

Solar energy also means you don't have to be dependent upon power grids that can lose energy during storms. Residents in several states were affected by the raging storm in Texas in February 2021.

The solar energy system means that you no longer need to rely on a utility company, and you are no longer subject to their volatile prices.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Finally, one of the most significant pros of solar energy is that it adds value to your home. Some people might be wondering if it's worth investing in solar panels for a home that they might not stay in beyond five or ten years.

But, it's worth recognizing that solar panels increase the value of a property, often beyond the installation costs of solar panels. This would make switching to solar energy worth it, even if you moved home next year!

Buyers in today's market consider solar panels as an important home upgrade equivalent to a renovated basement or brand new kitchen. People are willing to pay more upfront, knowing that they will save hundreds if not thousands in energy bills year on year.

That's Why Solar Energy Is a Great Option

We've now seen how solar energy offers advantages on many different fronts: both economically and environmentally. It's time to make a long-term investment that will help your finances as well as the planet, by switching to solar energy.

For more information about our solar panel services at Emerald Sun Energy, or about our financial incentives, get in touch today.