Can I Really Get Solar Energy for $0 Down & $0 Out of Pocket

You Can Get Solar Energy For No Money Down and No Money Out of Pocket, but it’s not free.

In this article, we are going to dive into what exactly $0 Down $0 Out of Pocket means in regards to adding solar panels to your home.  If you are shopping for solar panels in Orlando or Florida then you have inevitably have heard the Phrase “Get Solar Energy for $0 Down and $0 Out of Pocket”.  This claim is designed to get you excited about adding an energy efficient product without any money involved. That might be where there begin to be some confusions. Here are some simple explanations to this statement as well as some guidelines to follow to get your best deal on solar panels.

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What does $0 Down (NO Money Down) mean? First off it is NOT FREE.  You are buying something. However, if you are able to qualify for available financing then there is No Money Down as the entire purchase can be funded because many of the financing options available for solar companies do not require any money down.  Hence the entire solar project will be funded by the financing company.

What does $0 Out oF Pocket (No Money Out of Pocket) mean? This statement may be the one that causes the most confusion because it often leads people to believe that it is free.  Again it is NOT FREE, you are buying something. However, if you qualify for available funding it is true that you will have $0 Out of Pocket. The easiest way to understand this is to look at the example below.  What it points out is purchasing a solar panel system for your home will not affect your budget. Meaning you can use the money you already are paying the power company to instead pay for your solar power system that will improve your home’s value and convert a variable expense (power bill) into a profitable asset (solar panel system).  In most cases, you will actually be cash positive depending on which financing option you choose. So you can purchase your system with the money you already spend because your solar panel financing payment will be less than the amount of money you save on your power bill by switching to solar.

What do I need to do to qualify for this solar program?  Simply call Emerald Sun Energy a local Florida Solar Company located in Orlando and serving all of Central Florida, We will first do a customized energy consumption analysis to determine the size of the solar panels system you need.  We will then draw out a solar panel spec drawing so you can see how the panels will look on your roof. Then you can choose the financing option that best meets your needs and fill out the online instant approval application, we will have a decision within minutes of application.  The basic qualifiers are you will need a 680 credit score or greater to qualify. The financing company will also be looking at your debt to income ratio to determine if you are a good candidate for a solar energy system. Usually, a debt to income below 45% with a household income of $50,000 is able to be approved.

Example of how $0 Down $0 Out of pocket looks like:

With the advanced additions of Solar Energy Financing Florida Homeowners can get solar for No Money Down and No Money Out of Pocket

With the advanced additions of Solar Energy Financing Florida Homeowners can get solar for No Money Down and No Money Out of Pocket

First, we must figure out the amount of money you will be saving on your power bill every month to find out how much money you have available on a monthly basis to pay for the system.  In the above example of an actual solar customer, before they started using solar there power bill was $231 per month and after they switched to solar energy their power bill dropped to $29 per month.  Which is a monthly savings of $202 per month? So that means so long as we have a financing option that requires less than a $202 a month payment then we will be able to provide solar for $0 Out of Pocket because we are just redistributing money you are already spending to convert an expense into an asset.

Next, we will examine the financing options offered by the above Orlando Solar Company.

In the above example, you can see the available financing options for the customer where a 12 Year or 144 payments of $199 which is $3 less then they would pay the power company.  Or a 20 year (240 payment) option would be $162 per month essentially saving customer on average $40 over what they would have paid the power company. That is a yearly positive cash flow of nearly $500 plus they improved the value of their home and reduced their carbon footprint.  WOW!!

Please keep in mind in the above example we are using Net Sales Price which is the price of the Solar Panel System after you received your 30% Federal Tax Credit.  If you somehow do not qualify for the tax credit you will still be able to get the system for no money out of pocket but it would be only on the 20-year option that would accomplish this.  Either way, you are purchasing an asset using someone else’s money to pay for it. This is one of the biggest ways wealthy people keep and grow their wealth. You can see more about that is this video “Solar Energy is a Better Investment Than The Stock Market”

As you can see from the explanation and example provided $0 Down $0 Out of Pocket isn’t free but it is a tremendous opportunity for homeowners to be able to add Solar Energy to there home without affecting their monthly budget.  Please keep in mind that the 30% Federal Tax Credit expires at the end of 2019 so your window for taking advantage of such a great opportunity is closing. There will be a couple of years of reduced tax credits but you will have missed out on the biggest one, while you can do it without affecting your budget.

When Buying a Solar Power System – Understanding The Math Is Crucial To Getting The Right System

Solar Math For Sizing The Right Solar Panel System

I think you will agree that understanding the math required to size a solar panel system for your home can be tricky.

It doesn't have to be if you follow the equations laid out in this article.

Discover the exact size of the Solar Panel System you need to power your home.

Understanding the size of the solar panel system you need is crucial to getting the right system installed for your home or business.  Knowing the math will do two things.  First, it will help you to understand how much energy you need to produce to counter the amount of energy you consume.  Secondly, it will arm you with information for when you are meeting with a solar consultant so you can test if they are being honest with you and recommending the right sized system.  For more information on checking out your solar consultant, I recommend reading my "Dummies Guide For Buying Solar" you will discover how to spot solar sales tricks and how to protect your family from them.

One of the best parts of solar energy is that it is math based.  That is a benefit you can figure out how much energy you need to produce down to the kilowatt hours (kWh), based on what you're using during the course of the year.  With this information, you have won 1/2 the battle.  You can then check your math with PVWatts.  PV Watts is a government sponsored site that utilizes calculations from NASA in regards to the amount of sunlight your area receives per day.  Which is an important variable in sizing your Solar Energy System?  In Central Florida, the average sunlight per day ranges from 5.34 to 5.60 depending on if you are located on the west coast in Tampa or inland in Orlando or in the east coast of Melbourne Florida.

Using the calculations included here will allow you to size the solar panel system you need for you home or business.  It will even help you to get and estimated the cost of your system.  Follow the steps and the math equations will take care of the rest.

Calculating Amount of Watts a Solar Panel System will produce

  1. Size of System being recommended – 6kw
  2. Times by the amount of sun per day – 5.6 (florida hrs)
  3. Times by 80% efficiency – 20% is lost by inverters and wiring
  4. times 365 days a year gives you annual production
  5. Divide by 12 for monthly number

Example :  6kw x 5.6hrs = 33.6 x .8(80%)= 26.88 x 365 = 9811.2 wpy / 12 = 817.6 wpm

Calculating System electricity savings

  1. Take watts per year
  2. Times it by electricity rate .12
  3. Divide by 12 to get monthly savings


Example 9811.2 wpy x $.12 = $1177.34 / 12 = $98.11 savings per month

Calculating System Cost

  1. Take the KW in System
  2. Times it by 1000 to get watts
  3. Times it by rate $3.5 per watt


Example 10KW x 1000= 100000 x $3.50 = $35, 000

Calculating The amount of Watts needed

  1. Get electric bill and add up the 12 monthly average daily usage rates
  2.  Times by 30
  3. Divide by 12 for monthly watts


Example 49+50+50+40+27+32+31+35+34+34+42+49+63=536×30=16,080watts

16080/12=1340 watts per month


Calculate Annual Electricity costs

  1. Take total annual watts
  2.  Times it by average electricity cost per watt $.12 FL
  3. For monthly average divide by 12


Example: 16080 x $.12= $1929 / 12 = $161 per month


Calculate How many Panels you need

  1. Take the total amount of KW system
  2. Times by 1000 kilowatts to watts
  3. Divide by efficiency of panels (Canadian Solar is 250)


Example 7.5 KW (system) x 1000 = 7500/250 = 30 panels

Calculate size of PV system needed

  1. Take your annual wpy and divide by 365
  2.  Take your watts per day and divide by amount of daily sun exposure 5 – 5.5
  3.  Take the daily KW needed and divide by a .72 efficiency factor


Example  16080 / 365 = 44.05 kwd /5 =  8.8 kw / .72 = 12.23 kws


Efficiency Factor of 72%

The 0.72 efficiency factor is based on the following assumptions: average solar access of 95% (shading derate factor); modules with a positive-only production tolerance; inverter efficiency of 96%; module temperature derate factor of 0.88; DC and AC wiring derate of 0.98 and 0.99; module soiling derate = 0.95; module mismatch derate = 0.98; system availability derate = 0.99:

0.95 × 0.96 × 0.88 × 0.98 × 0.99 × 0.95 × 0.98 × 0.99 = 0.72

Armed with this information you can find out the best way to size any solar installation project.  No matter if you are installing a solar panel system in Orlando Fl or anywhere else in the country.  just check for the usable sunlight hours.  You can always call Emerald Sun Energy Florida's Premier Solar Power Company to assist you in your equation calculations and have a Free In-home Solar Consultation.  Fully understanding this will protect you from dishonest contractors.  To find every dishonest contractor tip you can read our buyers guide "The Secret Guide to Buying Solar".

Reduce Your Power Bill by 20 percent in 1 Month

Electric bills are often the most expensive bill of the month.  During the summer months, they can be downright frightening.  Looking at alternative power sources like solar energy is a great long term solution that all Orlando Florida homeowners should implement.  However, for immediate relief here are some great free energy saving tips you can take advantage of.  If you employ all six of these energy saving tips you will be able to lower your power bill by 20% in as little as one month.  Making your home more energy efficient will lower power bills, reduce the strain on appliances and reduce your energy consumption,  This is a great first step towards using solar energy to power your home.  By reducing your overall consumption you will be able to install a smaller solar panel system and increase your overall savings.

Refrigerator Settings

Your refrigerator’s Settings should be between 38-40.  Higher temperatures may lead to bacteria growth and lower temperatures is just wasting energy.  Your freezer temperature should be 5 degrees to keep your food properly frozen.  Don’t set your refrigerator to low.  It is your homes most energy used appearance and can represent up to 10% of your electric bill.

Hot Water Heater

Hot water heaters represent 12- 15% of your electric bill.  So here are a couple of tips to reduce this cost.  First set your hot water to 120 degrees this is the temperature the department of energy suggests to get hot water and keep your costs as minimal as possible.  You may also benefit from a hot water heater sleeve.  Your hot water tank turns on every 2 hours to reheat the water by utilizing a hot water sleeve you can reduce that to every 6-8 hours and reap the rewards in energy savings.

Outlet Covers

In almost all homes, small amounts of outside air constantly leak in through your electrical outlets.  Since you probably have dozens of these this leakage can add up.  Simply upgrading to insulated outlet covers will solve this problem

Weather Stripping & Window Caulking

Another easy and simple way to reduce air leakage into your house is to make sure your weather stripping and window caulking are updated.

Smart Thermostat

Upgrade to a smart thermostat can save you up to 10% on your A/C & Heating consumption.  Auto schedule remembers the temperatures you set and programs a personalized schedule for your home.  So it allow homeowners to have a properly programmed thermostat without actually having to program it

LED Lighting

The US Department of energy says that LED’s are a highly efficient lighting technology that uses 85% less energy, and lasts 25 times longer than incandescent.  It is also using 60% less energy than fluorescent lighting and last 5-10 times longer and the filaments in the fluorescent bulbs are toxic when they break and they do.

In conclusion, these six energy saving tips can save you 20% off of your power bill in as little as 1 month.  After you have made your home more energy efficient and reduced your overall energy consumption you might also like to look at alternative energy sources like solar power to reduce your power bill to pennies.