Solar Before and After Comparison

Here is one of our happy solar energy customers power bills from February 2019 from here in Orlando Florida. As you can see he had a power bill of $190. On the right you can see that his power bill was reduced to $9.83 after solar energy installation in Orlando Florida. We compared February 2020 so it is from the same month to get direct comparison.


Power Bill from Duke Energy before Solar Installation in Orlando Florida


Customer reduced duke power bill after solar installation in Orlando Florida

If you look at the after bill you can see it highlighted in red that he received an additional 135 kWh credit for future usage, meaning he out produced what he would need ant the credit will be applied to future bills. In Florida this is an important strategy because in the winter months like February Orlando homeowners will produce more solar energy than they can use. These credits will be applied to months when they use more energy than they produce. Like June and July.

So you can see that you can destroy your power bill with solar Energy! Call Now and Start Saving!! Huge Tax incentives will end at the end of 2020!